Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Crafty Creatives - Whats In The Box?- Box 8

Ooh it has been a while since I reviewed the Crafty Creatives box as I have been so busy!  This months theme was:

Every month is a different themed box and this months had a bright and shapely theme to it which I love!  I always squeal with delight when I open the box as I never know what to expect!  The bolder the better, and this months art card was hard to ignore!

There is also a different Crafty Creatives 'kit' that comes in the box every month, giving us a chance to try something new and having instructions and props towards a new craft.  I have taken up crochet because of these boxes as one month had a crochet kit in it, and I have made a bath bomb which I will being doing again very soon!  This months kit was making a pendant necklace out of clay.  I am very excited about this as again, it is not something I have ever tried so I hope to post my results up soon.

Other bits and bobs have included these spotted cupcake holders and stripey straws...
...various materials including cloth and paper....

...and sticky spotty tape, stripey string and stripey glass beads

There were a few other bits and bobs in the box which I am holding back on showing as I want to make things with them and you will just have to wait and see, or buy a box of your own!

Photo A Day - Day 50 - I am...

Day 50 - I am...

...not a natural red head!  My hair is a lot brighter than this in the flesh and I have been dyeing my hair for about ten years now, going from orange, red, purple and pink!  Unfortunately, Rhianna made it popular for other girls to dye their hair red so now I blend in with the crowd instead of standing out!  Ill have to go green instead!

Photo A Day - Day 49 - Something I Don't Like

Day 49 - Something I Don't Like

I am a big arachnophobic so this was a big step for me!  We attended a play group with bubba where they had a reptile show and you could hold the reptiles including snakes which I held. But I was not expecting to be so close to one of my worst fears!  After about ten minutes of freaking out, swearing and sweating, I finally touched this tarantula long enough for my fiance to take the picture!  The things I do for photography!

Photo a Day - Day 48 - In Your Hand

Day 48 - In Your Hand

In my hand is my remote control for the TV on a sunday afternoon when there was nothing on!

Photo A Day - Day 47 - Perfect

Day 47 - Perfect

To me, my youngest son is perfect at just five months old!

Photo A Day - Day 46 - Inside Your Fridge

Day 46 - Inside Your Fridge

I crocheted this mushroom the night before and thought it would be funny to pop it in my fridge for todays theme seeing as my fridge doesnt have anything too exciting in it!

Photo a Day - Day 45 - Love Is...

Day 45 - Love Is...

On this Valentines day, love is not what you have, but who you have and I am grateful to have my three favourite men in my life xx

Photo a Day - Day 44 - Walking

Day 44 - Walking

Me doing the daily school run whilst pushing the buggy.  Cannot wait to take my blasted scarf and coat off when spring arrives!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Photo a Day - Day 43 - Where I Ate Lunch

Day 43 - Where I Ate Lunch

This is my spot on the sofa, with my cushions which I cannot sit on here without!  I grabbed a quick lunch whilst baby had his afternoon nap!

Photo a Day - Day 42 - Entrance

Day 42 - Entrance

This is the entrance to the Savoy Theatre in London where my fiance took me to see Cabaret last month for my birthday.  I made it look old fashioned to capture the atmosphere.

Photo A Day - Day 41 - 3 O'Clock

Day 41 - 3 o Clock

At 3pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon, me and jacob were playing on the Wii to Just Dance and I only lasted about 2 songs before I was knackered and then slumped on the sofa!

Photo A Day - Day 40 - Guilty Pleasure

Day 40 - Guilty Pleasure

Bryan Adams!  He is my guilty pleasure and im not guilty at all!  I have some of his back catalogue (my fiance would say thats enough!) and I mostly love listening to him on sunny and fresh days with the windows open!