About Me

I am a mummy to two boys, one 7 and one 4 months.  As well as my daily routine of doing the school run, changing nappies, feeding baby, housework and cooking, I also love to craft, listen to music and blog! I love all things vintage, fantasy and enchanted!! I am a hyperactive mummy, with a loving fiance, and family and friends that I would gladly die for!! I am a music fanatic, going to gigs as much as I can and having a passion for collecting music and using it in life.
  My crafts include scrapbooking, cross stitching and crocheting and am always learning new skills so I can make new things!

This blog includes:

My Day Zero Project
Pinning Posts
Photo a Day
Project Life
And many other musings, anecdotes, opinions and life stories all from my crazy mind!