Monday, 31 October 2011

My Love Mondays - My Love For Fancy Dress!

On this Halloween day, I have a fitting theme for My Love Mondays!  I just love to dress up!  Be it for a party, for myself or for my fiance (look away now, kids!), there is nothing more fun than donning clothes that are beyond the ordinary!
  My favourite outfits would be the ones that make me feel sexy: Moulin rouge-type corsets, stockings, short skirts, anything that make me feel like a proper woman! 

Or not!

On another note, my previous Halloween celebrations have involved me dressing up as a witch, for three years in a row!  Definetely time to think of a new idea!  For a recent work bash, this was my costume for the theme of fictional characters:

My favourite outfit!

And there is also nothing better than standing out from a crowd!

I love the look on people's faces when they have to double take!  What is the harm in being a bit different to everyone else?!  This Halloween, Im not doing anything, probably gives me time to re-think my witchs' outfit!

And its not just me that loves to dress up, my poor son, Jacob, has caught this addiction as proven in these hilarious pictures!

Oh, I have so many more but I would be here all day!  You get the idea, like mother, like son!

But its not always trashy outfits I love to wear!  I have my moments where there is nothing better than wearing your more formal clothes:

Yes, my love for fancy dress is a little extreme but I wouldn't have it any other way! xxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Baby, its dark outside - Bring on the S.A.D!

Ugh, its glum!
Yes, it is that time of the year where I get a little bit more moany than I normally am!  I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, (s.a.d) and seeing as the clocks went back last night, so far, I feel OK!  Well, that is actually a lie, today I feel ok, yesterday I felt the full blown effects of it.  I was very fed up, went into my own little hole, could not stop crying and just felt miserable and blue.  I dont have much to feel miserable about really.  The only thing I am stressed about is I will be moving in the next couple of weeks, which may have something to do with how I am feeling.  But, I also know that S.A.D takes me over from now until when the clocks go forward again!  So, all I aim for is March, bright light, the sun and summer clothes!
On a positive note, I do like the cosiness of having the heating on, curled up in my pyjamas, watching christmas movies and never leaving my home!
I hope that this winter, I have enough to distract me so that before I know it, it will be Spring again, once I have moved, decorated, got numerous birthdays out the way, christmas, and my birthday, we will be well on our way to the beach!
And of course, its my first winter of blogging, so I am sure that will be my biggest distraction and am looking forward to moaning a bit more on here!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 53 / 365

53 / 365 - My brother, Scott, with his nephew, Jacob xx

365 Day Photo Challenge - 52 / 365

52 / 365 - A rare picture of me with my Nan, continuing her birthday celebrations xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday 9s - Halloween Theme

There are many blog posts at the moment about Halloween and I have yet to do mine!  So, I am tying it in with the Saturday 9s meme!

1. Do you enjoy holidays like Halloween or is your approach more robotic?
I used to enjoy Halloween, I like the atmosphere and fun of it all, but this year, I have been quite stressed with moving so I have given it a miss!

2. Have you ever been to a haunted house?
Ooh no, and you probably wont catch me going to one either!  The closest I got was at Alton Towers,a ride called Hex, set in a big castle and I was scared whitless!

3. What are you doing for Halloween this year?
Moving!  Well, packing my home up anyway!  On the actual day, I will be working the night shift at work so hopefully that will have its fun moments!

4. What was your lamest Halloween costume ever?
I like to think my costumes have been quite creative! (althought judging by the pictures below, I seem to have an ongoing trend for being a witch, lame!)

5. Is handing out candy fun for you, or more of a nightmare?
That side of it is a nightmare, especially living on the first floor of a flat, as traipsing down the stairs every two minutes is not my idea of fun!

6. Do you buy trick-or-treat candy and end up eating it yourself?

Ha, no, my son probably would help himself to some though!

7. Did you carve any pumpkins this year?
No, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea where to start!

8. What was your favorite costume as a child?
We did not really dress up for Halloween as a child, thats why I like to do it more as an adult!

9. What is your biggest pet peeve about trick-or-treaters?
When their tricks are designed to destroy or cause mess!  And the fact that they call every second of every hour!
So this year, we are really not celebrating Halloween, which I am a bit gutted about but we have no time!  And my son is not too bothered.  In previous years I have had a Halloween party at home, gone to a Halloween party at a nightclub and taken Jacob trick or treating.  So, I see it as taking a year off this year!  And considering I am busy packing up our home, I dont have the time to be buying sweets and fancy dress costumes!
  Instead, I will celebrate on my blog, with a collection of photos of our celebrations of previous Halloweens!

This was me last year, taken at work! I was a waitressing witch and made the shift even more interesting!

2009, and this was taken very late in the evening, judging by the fact my red hair is showing through my purple wig!

2008, and sensing an ongoing witchy theme here!  Note to self, must try and be more imaginative next time I dress up for Halloween!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 51 / 365

51 / 365 - yesterday was my Nan's 77th birthday!  She is also Great Grandmother to my son Jacob, and we went to her home to pay her a visit, followed by a meal at the Harvester after.

Helping out a blogger friend - Join this Giveaway!

My dear friend, Jenni, is hosting a giveaway over at her blog, The Content Notebook.  If you love a good giveaway, please feel free to join in with this one, she needs at least another 8 followers!  Many thanks and fingers crossed she reaches her target! xxx

Check me out - Im Notebook Addict of the Week!

My regular followers and friends will know I am not shy about shouting about how much of a notebook fan I am!  So much so, that I wrote a post about it and I sent the link off to a blog called Notebook Stories.  Well, a few months later, and they have chosen me as their Notebook Addict of the Week!
 How exciting!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 50 / 365

50 / 365 - Wow, cannot believe I have taken 50 pictures in 50 days!  I caught my little bookworm in W H Smiths yesterday, reading an Indiana Jones book!  So proud of him, taking after his mummy like that!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Gallery- Faces

Ooh, I have not done The Gallery for a while but this weeks theme is Faces, and I have chosen my beautiful son, Jacob, as the subject.  He ofte gets stopped in the street about how dolly-like he is, with his freckles placed just on top of his cheeks and his big brown eyes.  Of course, I am biased, but what mother couldnt kiss the face off of this gorgeous little man?!

These pictures were taken about three years ago, so he looks nothing like this any more but they capture his dolly-like features so perfectly!  He is such a big boy now,and although is still a cutie, his babyness has disappeared which I really miss!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 49 / 365

49 / 365 - This morning, I had to get up at 8am, on  half term week, to take my darling fiance to work!  Only because I wanted the car today!  And we were greeted with your typical autumn morning, darkness, cold, rain and this fabulous rainbow!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 48 / 365

48 / 365 - Jacob was surprised today when he thought all I was doing was shopping at Asdas. but I took him to our local play centre, Funky Monkeys.  I think he is getting a bit old for it there now, so this will probably be one of last visits, but its local, easy and cheap!

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Love Mondays - My Love For Coldplay

I am starting a meme for myself!  Unless anyone wants to join in, they can!  Mondays will now contain blogs about My Love For.... anything!  Today, because they released their 5th studio album, I begin with My Love For Coldplay!

Now Coldplay are definetely a love/hate band.  I love them but it becomes a taboo subject amongst friends of mine that hate them!  So I keep it to myself because I am a metal bird at heart!
I first came to love them when they released their second album, "Rush of Blood to the Head" which my brother, Scott, introduced me to.  I fell in love with first track, "Politik" and have not looked back since. 
In 2005, I had a ticket to see them live but I was eight months pregnant with Jacob at the time and it was not advisable that I went! I was so gutted but in 2008, I finally got the chance to see them. We were right at the front at the O2 arena in London so had the best view of them touring with their fourth album, "Viva La Vida and Death to All His Friends."

I also got to see them live at Wembley Stadium the following year, which was just as good and with a similar view!

Now, with their latest album, Mylo Xyloto, released, I wonder what it is about Coldplay that I love so much.  Well, lead singer, Chris Martin, really knows how to pull at my heartstrings through a melody.  His lyrics capture everything I would imagine my poetry to sound like and when putting all this together in a song, I have found my perfect combination.

My top 5 favourite Coldplay songs:
1 - Politik
2 - The Scientist
3 - Fix You
4 - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
5 - Lovers In Japan

My top 5 least favourite Coldplay Songs:
1 - God Put A Smile Upon My Face
2 - Paradise
3 - Clocks
4 - The Hardest Part
5 - Talk

And then their live shows encapsulate everything they stand for.  Its a magnificent colour show, their songs in technicolour, with paper butterflies falling from the sky, globes with the band singing live on above your head, and Dad dancing from Chris Martin himself!
I dont care that people hate the band, they aren't to everyones liking, but they still won the Q Award for Best Band In the World Today so that must be saying something!  Coldplay hit the formula for good music and I hope they continue for many more years.
My Love For Coldplay

365 Day Photo Challenge - 47 / 365

47 / 365 - Today, I am the proud owner of the new Coldplay album, Mylo Xyloto! Im off to listen to it.....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 46 / 365

46 / 365 - Ooh an arty picture for a change!  Continuing my adventures at Ikea yesterday, I couldn't resist takena picture of these magnificent lights, which I think look better together than separate!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Brit Mum Prompt - My Top Five Favourite Blogs!

Over at they give us bloggers the chance to grab some ideas and prompts for our blog.  This week is listing our top 5 blogs.  I have only been blogging for four months now, and in that time, my Google Reader is bursting with many a quirky blog that I love to go through of an evening.  There are some fantastic and inspiring blogs out there, all of which I am grateful for as they have helped me to develop my own blog in some ways, and  look forward to catching up with other peoples wonderful lives.
  So this list is only the blogs that I look forwad to reading every time, who update their blogs frequently, and who inspire me to continue mine, enjoy!

In no particular order...

1:  The Content Notebook - My amazing friend, Jenni, who talks about her life as a graduate, her frustrations, and general life woes, I always look forward to seeing what she has to say next as I usually can relate to it!

2:  Muddling Along Mummy - I enjoy reading this blog, I first stumbled upon it as its host leaves heartfelt posts about miscarriage and she always tugs at my heartstrings, wanting me to hug her!  A beautiful and meaningful blog.

3:  Melksham Mum - This blog has some beautifully taken pictures, recipes galore and a great taste in music! Thank you to Melksham Mum for usually commenting on my blog and twittering!

4:  Inside The Wendy House - I always get excited when posts from this blog pop up in my reader!  A quirky desgined blog full of interestng hints, tips and inspiring information that I relate to!

5:  Art and Life - My other amazing friend, Kate, is still a blogging beginner but when she does get round to posting, during her incredibly busy life, she posts about art, life and other amusing anecdotes.  I love her inspiring photosof her art workand really look forward to seeinf more!

Saturday 9s - I found another new meme!

OOH, I love a good meme! And I just stumbled upon this one belonging to Saturday 9s where every week they give a set of random or themed questions that us bloggers can answer, so here is my first go at this!

1. Who was favorite DJ and what radio station did you listen to as a kid?
This is different completely now, but I used to listen to 95.8 Capital FM!  I loved Doctor Fox, (not the one in the news right now!) listening to his drive time shows!  Now, I cant stand this station!

2. What has been the weirdest thing you have worn in public?
Everything I wear is weird! I remember one particular outfit in my "Goth" stage, a luminous, see-through pink laced top, with a denim mini skirt and knee high multi coloured socks!  What was I thinking?!

3. What was the best part of last weekend?
Buying our new tv and having a TGI Fridays!

4. What was the most effective punishment for you as a kid?
My dad! I used to be petrified when Mum told him I had been naughty, "wait til your Dad gets home!" would be the words that put the fear of G-d into me!

5. Would you lie to your significant other to not hurt their feelings?
Depending on what it was, but I always believe in honesty being the best policy so would give it to him straight!  Of course, I wouldnt want to hur his feelings but then lying would only make it worse!

6. We're taking you order for breakfast. What would you like?
Bacon, poached egg, mushrooms and toast!

7. Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, do tell. If no, why not?
I try to, but its so cold!  I mean, I have taken my son trick or treating before and it was so muchfun and great seeing his little face light up.  But, this year, I have so much going on, I dont have the time to worry about halloween!

8. Do you hand out candy to the neighborhood kids?
I have done, but tend not to after about 8pm!

9. What's the favorite age you've been, so far?
Hardest question last!  I enjoyed being 27, last year!  Finally got my life on track and did not feel old, until I hit 28!  Shocking, I know!  I loved being a kid, I had an amazing childhood so anytime then where we had no worries, would be a favourite age.

F*ck Sake Friday! - The Stress has Begun!

Apologies for the swearing!

Yesterday, I went to view my new flat.  I have to explain that it is not my choice to move, I have been on the council list for four years and seeing as my lease is almost up on the place I am living in now, it is time for me to have a property of my own.  I have been "bidding" for the last six weeks - a system used by housing to make things move quicker and give residents a choice.  I had two bids a week to pick a property that I only had a picture of on the outside, and if I was a priority over others, then the property is mine to view.  I am not allowed to turn it down once viewed, if I do, I am declared homeless and get thrown out of my current property.  Very harsh and so I cannot afford to be picky and choosy with this system.  Hey, it sucks, but then so does life!
  Like I say, I have lived in my beautiful flat for four years, I started with nothing, coming from a refuge in Colchester, to start my life from scratch.  I remember sitting in my living room as soon as I had moved in with no heating, no lights and my soon-to-be boyfriend popping round with a bag of chips that we sat on the floor with and ate!  I had no furniture, anything that I did own was second hand and so from that day on, I built up an empire that consisted of me and Jacob and turned our flat into a home.
  Now, viewing this new property has come as a bit of a shock.  On the outside, it looks OK.  The area is great, the flat backs onto a massive field and forest, and the main road is quiet.  I have a separate doorway so it feels like my own home, and as we went through the gate, I realised we have a mini garden!  It is paving, with a shed and Im quite pleased that Jacob can kick a ball about if he wants, even though its tiny!
  However, when I walked through the front door and up the un-carpeted stairs, I was a little glum.  There was no carpet anywhere in the property! Gutted.  This is not as bad as it sounds as,of course, I can put carpet in and at least it will be new and fresh.  But it made the rest of the flat look unclean and rubbish.  The previous owner had left the flat in a state, (which I kicked off about but he does get charged for it!) but I was prepared to see beyond this.
  The living room was a decent size and nice decor to tied me over.  My sons room was huge!  Twice the size he has now with fitted wardrobes and cupboards.  There is so much room to put all his belongings in so I am really pleased although, again, will need carpeting.
  I hate the bathroom, its tiny, black and white and is filthy!  I know the council will clean it but there is nothing exciting about getting into someones elses dirty bath!
  My room is small but looks out on to the open fields and brings in a lot of light.
  The kitchen is massive, although does not have a cooker, but at least I get to buy my own, clean one, considering the state of the bath, imagine what the previous owners cooker would look like?!
Overall, I have to lookat the bigger picture.  Its not perfect, but it will be once I am finished with it!  I am just a bit sad that I have to leave my beautiful home and have to build it all up again.  I know it will take time but it will be so worth it!  I love blogging about my worries, it definetely helps me get through it, (when my computer lets me!) so I will keep updating about the move as we go.  Watch this space, this bomb site will look like a home eventually!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 45 /365

45 / 365 - In preparation for my move, we paid a visit to Ikea today.  Jacob loves following the arrows around the building and using the maps to lead the way, he here is having a rest from all that hard work!

Friday, 21 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 44 / 365

44 / 365 - Today I visited my new flat, this is the outside, mine is the first floor, with a little garden gate for the entrance.  Writing about it in my blog to follow....

Thursday, 20 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 43 / 365

43 / 365 - Jaocbs first day off for half term, and it was a beautiful yet freezing cold day!  We took a walk to meet some friends for lunch and it was great to get out in the fresh air xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 42 / 365

42 / 365 - Yep, this pretty much sums up my day, a pile of ironing!  Sorry its in a mess, it is not normally organised so badly but I am just having a bad week!  So this is what I had waiting for me when I got home from work and the school run, completed in 50 minutes! Yawn!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays - If I Won the Lottery!

Linking up with Miss Mommy today, my top ten choice is what ten things would I do if I won the lottery?  Seeing as it has been in the news recently about the couple who won £101 million and went public with it, it has been many a debate with friends and family about what would we do if it was us, would we go public or keep it a secret?  And what would we spend all that money on?  Here are my ideas and dreams if I was fortunate enough to have that amount of money in my bank balance:

1:  Savings -Because of course, the main thing and most important thing is to put it all into a savings account and live off of the interest!  My son would be set for life.

2:  Family and Friends - after looking after myself, son and fiance first, my family and friends would be next to look after.  My Mum and Dad would never have to work again and I would give them a substantial amount for them to travel, see the world and buy properties, (and sports cars in my Mums case!).  I would give a million pound each to five of my closest friends who I know deserve it and who would put the money to good use, sorting their lives out and making their dreams come true.

3:  Donate to charity - £101 million is far too much for any person, and I would definetely want to donate a vast amount where it will be benefitted more.  Refuge and Great Ormond Street are two charities close to my heart that I would think of first, and I would definetely want to be involved with their work, not just giving the money but researching and working for them.

4:  Buy a home - Me, and my son currently live together in a flat, and will be moving in the next couple of weeks, to yet another flat, so a dream of mine would be to live in a house with my son and fiance, with a garden.

5: Buy my fiance a new car - now Im not the biggest car fan, Im not too bothered about what I drive as long as it gets me from A to B safely, but my fiance, being a big Top Gear fan, would suit a new sports car!

6:  Big spending spree - I would be straight at Camden and Brighton buying everything saw!  Because normally what happens when I go to these places is spend that same amount of money, but in my head! 

7: Travel -  I have been fortunate enough to have been to Ibiza and Iceland on my travels, but I have dreams of going to DisneyWorld, South America, Japan, and Africa.

8:  Set up my own business - my ideal jobs would involve me running my own company, Party Entertainment, Wedding Planner or my own book shop, I would be in my glory running and setting up anyone of these!

9:  Have te wedding of my dreams - although we are planning and saving for our wedding in 2 years, I doubt we can afford everthing I have in mind, so this would be amazing!

10:  Live a happy life - I am happy with my life at the moment, I have everything I need and desire, but it would be nice not to have to work out every penny I spend at every minute, checking my bank balance every night, and exhausting myself out every week juggling two jobs and being a mummy!

Ah, it was nice to dream for 20 minutes, but back to reality now, off I go to my second shift of the day, right after I kiss my son goodnight, and shove this dinner down my throat!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 41 / 365

41 / 365 - A work of art!  Celebrating the jewish festival of Succot, Jacob came home with this from school, it represents a "succah" which is a type of covering that the Jews stayed in when in the desert.  It is made from wafer biscuits and boot lace sweets, all edible, but unfotuntely, afte taking this picture, mummy broke it! Oops!! xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 40 / 365

40 / 365 - The autumnal view from my home, I have certainly made the most of our lucky weather and embraced it in all its gloriousness!  Im normally a depressive wreck once October hits, with its darkness and coldness, but the fresh air that has hit us with the low burning sun has been incredible and right up my street!  This may be the last we see of this sort of weather though....!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 39 / 365

39 / 365 - Me and Dean made the most of a child free weekend by spending the rest of our engagement vouchers and buying loads of home items.  I stumble upon this gorgeous, velvet candleabra from Next Home, and although I would not have paid for something this expensive, I still could not resist it and would not let it go until I had convinced my fiance that we needed it!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 38 / 365

38 / 365 - PINK!!  I found this beautiful jumper from H&M on my travels and am loving the latest trend for wooly jumpers!  I cannot wit to be all snuggly and trendy in this very colourful jumper!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 37 / 365

37 / 365 - Today, I ventured out to the new Westfields Shopping Centre at Straford City.  It was better than I expected it to be there, with a Paperchase for me to drool at! I also love the cafe, Eat. which I was first introduced to at our trip to Glasgow.  Their food is so tasty and they combine coffee with soups, bagettes and cakes!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 36 / 365

36 / 365 - Today, we travelled on the M1 to take Jacob to see his grandparents, (Dads side).  I wanted to learn the drive seeing as I have never driven properly on  motorway, so that when we pick him up, I can do the route!  The sky today was met with the lovely scenery and colours in between xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays - If I Were Prime Minister...

This weeks Top 10 idea came from when I was watching This Morning and Holly Willoughby asked Phillip Schofield what would he do if he was prime minister.  It makes for an interesting topic as Im sure we all think we can do a better job than the current ways the country is being run!  So, if I were voted as Prime Minister tomorrow, here is what I would do:

1:  Bring back the death penalty - starting with a bit of a harsh one with mixed feelings, but in this day and age, there are far worse crimes happening than when the "Hangman" was around!  This would apply to crimes committed on children, murderers, and for all the crimes we hear about that deserve more than just a silly sentence, where families have been traumatized without any justice.

2:  Four day weekends!  - Because we all deserve it, plus maybe the economy will get better because we will all be out shopping and putting it back into the system!

3:  Bring back Woolworths! - I would make Woolworths, Virgin Megastores and all the other big companies that went into administration in the recent economic depression.  I miss going to Woolies for all my party ideas, pic 'n' mix, and chart cds!

4:  Print more money! - Daft I know, but when ever I hear on the news about the recession, I always turn round to my fiance and ask him, "Why don't they just print more money?!"  If the bank has printed out the notes we are currently using, why can't they print out enough to cover the debts we owe then problem resolved!

5:  Get rid of congestion charge, and bendy buses! - To me, I dont see where the money for the congestion charge is going!  What was the point of it?!  People are still driving into London anyway, whether they have to pay it or not, because its still cheaper than the ridiculous transport fees.  Plus, what is the point of a bendy bus?  Whats wrong with a good old fashioned double decker bus, that takes up less room on the road and is much more traditional?!

6:  Make having no manners a crime - it winds me up that I was brought up to have manners, yet in this day and age no one uses them!  I love being polite to people so that it makes them feel good, but when I dont receive the same back, it makes my blood boil!  How hard can it be to open a door for someone and get a thank you in return?  Or say excuse me, if your in a rush to be somewhere, yet I get pushed to one side like Im an animal?  I would fine any rude person that approached me, on the spot so that we can bring manners back into society.

7:  Higher penalties for drug users and illegal substances - I feel that the government do not do enough to help the addictions that people suffer from.  To start with, higher penalties should be brought in for people that use any from of drug including cannabis.  Just bcause a drug is classed as A or B, it is still a drug no matter what the effects it has.  If all drugs had the same penalty from the start, then we could start working with tackling this problem.

8:  Have men who commit domestic violence be taken away immediately:  what I mean by this is that when I was a victim of domestic violence, me and my son were made to go to a womens refuge, away from family, friends and our home.  I felt like I was being punished even more, even though I knew it was for our safety.  However, I think it should be the person commiting the violence that should be removed from the victim, put into some sort of help centre, locked away, until they receive help, treatment and punishment.

9:  Compulsory trips to the library and parks:  whether in school or at home, I think my son has benefitted a lot from going to the park on a regular basis and he library.  I was shocked to hear at a school I use to work at, the most of the children did not belong to a library, nor their parents.  It is a perfect place to take children on a wet rainy day and let them chose as many books as they want!  My son loves books, and reading and I am so pleased that he has his own library card and has a passion for stories.

10:  Less men in parliament, more women! - This country is dominated by men and I would definetely employ more women, especially mothers, who have more experience about our country seeing as we are the ones that do most of the shopping, organising and chores all day every day!  Think how different the country would be, and how funnier Question Time would be without all the silly noises from grunting men!!

I had fun pretendig to be PM for this post, please join miss mommy for more creative top tens! xxx