Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Top Ten Aims for 2012

So, over the last week we have looked at my Top 10 Music Highlights,  Top 10 Songs of the Year, Top 10 Personal Moments, Top 10 Photos, and Top Ten Blog Posts all from the year 2011.  To end this project, I conclude with my hopes and aims for the year ahead.  I don't make new years resolutions because if I want to change something I normally do it throughout the year and not wait until a new one starts.  I dont diet, smoke, or have any other vices that I need to quit, and anything I do need to do will be done in my own time! 
  However, this post will be my aims for a year ahead, most of which I already know will be happening and I am also including plans for my blog, as this is my first new year blogging, and it will need a revamp of some sorts!
  So here goes, and may I take this opportunity to wish all my followers, readers, bloggers and internet pals a very happy new year and may 2012 bring everyone joy!!

Aims -

  • To have completed half of my Day Zero Project
  • To have a baby or at least get pregnant before the year is out!
  • To go to Paris with my girl friends
  • To have hit 100 followers on my blog, 60 more to go then!
  • To spend more time with my son now that I have quit my evening job
  • To carry on saving hard
  • To decorate my new home
  • To have fresh ideas for blog posts, (watch this space!)
  • To start some competitions and maybe even a meme on my blog!
  • To have a happy and healthy 2012, whilst ignoring the Olympics!

Jacob is 6!!

Well, can you believe it?  I am a Mum to a six year old! 

And, boy, did we spoil him rotten yesterday!

First things first, we had to get present time out the way!  You would think after christmas he had had enough toys!

 Then we took a trip to Nanny's house where Jacob was thrown around by his Uncles, and given loads of attention!

After picking up Jacobs friend from school, we headed to Frankie & Benny's for a slap up meal and the inevitable "Happy Birthday" sing-along courtesy of the restaurant staff and a sneaky mummy and Dean!

Our last stop for celebrations was going to see the panto Cinerella at the Queens Theatre.  Jacob has never been to a proper pantomine before so this was a real treat and I think me and Dean enjoyed it more than the kids!

Stuffing his face during the interval!

So happy birthday my little darling, your such a joy to have in my life and such a good, polite and well-mannered little boy which is so rare these days!  Mummy is so proud of everything that you do and keep up the good work!!

I forgot to mention that my spoilt little man is also having a birthday party next week with all his school friends!  Talk about dragging it out.....!!!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 106 / 365

106 / 365 - This is Jacob helping me bake fairy cakes ready for tonights new years celebrations!

Friday, 30 December 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 105 / 365

105 / 365 - Happy Birthday to my son Jacob, 6 today!  And here he is opening his presents with glee in his face!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Top Ten Blog Posts

As my highlights almost draw to an end, I thought todays post could be about my top ten blog posts.  I began blogging in April and it has been a true highlight of my year, giving me comfort and joy everytime I turn in my laptop.  And thanks to my followers, you have kept me going as sometimes it feels like I'm writing to myself! Thanks also to Kate Takes 5 and Stciky Fingers who due to their fantastic memes, Listography and The Gallery, I have generated some of my most page views!  Here are my most visited blog posts and long may they continue to be read!

10:  Top 5 Men I Used to Fancy - thanks to Kate's listography!

9:  My Reading Festival Diary - One Day Like This - highlights of my first ever festival

8:  Top 5 Celebrities I'd Like to Go For a Beer With - again, thanks to Kate's Listography!

7:  Our Trip to the Roald Dahl Musuem - one wet, summers day our journey to the museum

6;  365 Day Photo Challenege - Day One - my first picture in the challenge

5:  This Time Last Year and the Taboo Subject of Miscarriage - a heartfelt post, and speaks for itself

4:  Listography - Things We Got Upto Last Week - and what a very busy week it was!

3:  My First Tattoo.. And Maybe My Last! - one of my very first blog posts

2:  My Norebook Obsession - thanks to

1:  Day Zero Project - Meeting David Tennant - with a record breaking 654 page views, which is 500 more than the post above, the views just keep coming!


365 Day Photo Challenge - 104 / 365

104 / 365 - My lovely friend Abby donated this desk to me for my new home, and what a treat as its in good condition and I saw it as a blank canvas!  So out have come the sandpaper, undercoat and paints and this desk is going to be transformed!  I started today and will show you the finished results soon!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Photos of the Year

For todays top ten highlights of the year, I am showcasing my favourite photos.  I will try very hard not to use the same ones I have used on this bLog, so this is a challenge in its self!

10 - I love this photo, taken on a warm April day out at Maldon

9 - A sunset at Reading Festival, whilst Elbow were playing in the background!

8: Jacob bringing home Reggie the Bear from school

7 - A day out in Brighton for Kates 30th birthday

6 - Larking around for Jenni's birthday!

5 - Jacob and his star wars troopers!

4 - Jacob hiding in the trees at an enchanted forest

3 - Bonfire night in Colchester

2 - Jacob on a stool at Legoland

1 - AWWWWW!!!!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 103 / 365

103 / 365 - Whilst he is away, I have wrapped Jacobs birthday presents! Hehe!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Well Thank Goodness Thats All Over!

Yes, I am a very happy bunny because Christmas is finally over!!  That's not to say I didn't have a good time because I did, but as mentioned on my blog before, I cannot stand the build up to it.  The manic people rushing around, spending money none of us have, being rude to me for no apparent reason and the dark and cold days, do not make me happy!  Anyway, this post is meant to be a reflection of my Christmas day so to start off, here is my son extremely happy that Santa had been!

And here am I very pleased with my presents!

Mmmmm, my personal christmas tradition of Baileys and After Eight mints went down a treat this year!

This is what my darling fiance bought me:
It may seem strange to you, but I love all things vintage and have recently received a new desk which I plan to decorate and then put this on to, so I was very excited!

For christmas diiner which Dean kindly made, I added my own touch for Chanukah involving Falafel balls, a bit like stuffing but spicier!

Overall, a lovely quiet Christmas in our new home, but thank goodness its all over!
Now where is my summer dress?!!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 102 / 365

102 / 365 - Today, me and Dean dropped our son off to his grandparents and we passed the lovely city of Cambridge so we decided to pay an impromptu visit to this quaint town.  Stupidly, we did this on a bank holiday at christmas time, so whilst we were sitting in hoards of traffic, I took this picture as it reminded me of something from Harry Potter!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Moments of the Year

This week, I have been compiling lists to highlight my favourite things of the year.  Today is my top ten favourite moments that I have experienced this year, and believe me, there have been many life changing moments!

10:  Getting my first tattoo's - who knows why, but I braved the needle for the first time this year, twice!  My first tattoo was in February where I was testing to see if I could take the pain bu having a charm bracelet with my sons name on my wrist.  I hated the pain!  So I stupidly got something bigger tattooed on my arm in August!  This took two hours to do, and I am still recovering!  However, despite me protesting about how much it hurt, I still want another one because its true what they say, getting tattoos are addictive!

9: Adventures in the Summer - seeing as Dean passed his driving test last year, this summer meant we had more freedom to venture out in the big wide world and see places!  These included Legoland, Roald Dahl Museum, Broadstairs, Brighton and an enchanted forest in Kent!

8:  Even more gigs than usual! - breaking my own personal record of 4 gigs in one month, my addiction to this hobby was increasing!  Bands I have seen this year are Feeder, Foo Fighters, White Lies, Jimmy Eat World, Hurts, Friendly Fires, Pulp, Longview and Bryan Adams!!

7:  My writing career begins - I took up blogging in April, started a fiction writing course and even won a feature for Company magazines' website which you can read about here.  One of my dreams has already began and I hope to continue it this next year!

6:  A trip to Glasgow - me and Dean took a short plane ride to Scotland to see one of our favourite bands play.  Staying in a hotel over the weekend, we had a brilliant time even though it was raining for most of it, but we enjoyed visiting the sites and doing some shopping!

5:  Startng my school career - after almsot two years of studying and volunteering, I was very lucky to get myself a job at my son's school as a Nursery Assistant which later turned into Nursery Nurse.  Although at the time I was juggling two jobs, I am now lookig forward to January to concentrate on this job, to gain even more experience and to have lots of fun with the children I have bonded with!

4:  Attending Reading Festival- which I am sure I have repeated enough times on this blog, but it was mine and Deans first festival and our only holiday this year!  You can read all about it here

3:  Moving home - my lease had run out on my flat so I knew I would be moving this year.  When I first viewed my new home, I hated it, but once I decorated and got my things in, I absolutely adore it and think its even bigger and better than my last home!  After the stress of moving, I have nothing to worry about.

2:  Passing my driving test - my biggest life changing moment this year, it was the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done in my life!  What made it worse, was that even though I passed second time, I knew I had to do it all over again after failing once!  Never again do i want to put myself through that torture!  However, it was totally worth it and now I have had a better winter without takin the two bus trek there and back to pick my son up from school!

1:  Meeting David Tennant! - yes, this is my number one moment of the year!  It was on my Day Zero Project, but I never thought it would actually happen!  You can read all about it here

So, what an amazing year I have had!  Both good and bad, a few people have passed away that have been difficult to deal with, but I havethrown myself into life, making the most of it and really enjoying myself.  The good always out ways the bad and I hope 2012 has a lot more in store for us!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 101 / 365

101 / 365 - Proof that Santa has been!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Songs of 2011

Continuing my highlights of this year, today I am counting down my favourite songs of the year.  I have been doing this every year since 2001, rounding up the best songs and putting them on to cd for my own personal collection.  This year, I'll be doing the same, with the added bonus of sharing it with you!  So, sit back and enjoy my favourite songs that have created memories of 2011....

10:  Chapel Club - Surfacing

I was introduced to this album by some friends and it was right up my street, this song samples a familiar tune and reminds me of standing at bus stops on the school run in the cold early days of spring.

9:  Take That - What Do You Want From Me

The best song off of their new album, and probably the best they have ever done, Mark Owens vocals on here make me melt!

8:  Charlie Simpson - Riverbanks

Being a huge fan of Charlie Simpson's band, Fightstar, I was worried when he released this solo album, but it certainly did not disappoint and this is the most powerful track on the album.

7:  Pulp - This Is Hardcore (Live)

I know this song is many years old and has always been my favourite Pulp song to date, but it has been our soundtrack to the year, seeing as Pulp made a huge festival comeback.  This performance at Reading is truly amazing and the live version is better than the recorded one!

6:  Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten

Not being a huge Kasabian fan at all, this song has truly made the list this year because its really good!  Will be the first and last time I say that this band are good, so make the most of this song!

5: Nero - Guilt

I never thought I would hve a dub-step tune in my favourite lists, but this year has really changed my outlook of this genre, and Nero have helped this.  With a mixture of trance and heavy bass, I am a huge fan!

4:  Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Seeing them live at Reading, meeting the band and then seeing them live at Brixton, Friendly Fires are truly a band who put on a show like no other, and if you get a chance, please check out lead singer, Ed's dancing!

3:  Foo Fighters - Walk

My favourite Foos album so far, they can do no wrong and even my son has got into this song, its one to turn up loud in he car, and rock out to!

2: Example - Changed the Way You Kissed Me

I know this song is probably the soundtrack to everyones year, being played constantly on he radio, tv and internet but for a song not to annoy me, or for me not to get bored of, is a truly special one and I heart this song very much!

1:  Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

A bit predictable for those that know me well, but this song for me, is a magnificent tune, well written and gets me every time I hear it!  It makes me want to jump up and down, bounce off the walls, and dance until the sudden drum beat at the end.  The video sums up everything I am passionate about, art, uniqueness and colour and when I witnessed Coldplay performing this live at Glastonbury on tv, it really won me over.

"I turn the music up, I put my records on, I shut the world outside until the lights come on!"


Advent Calendar - Day Twenty Four

Behind todays final door is

a fantastically pretty and bright blog sure enough to brighten up your days!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in my first Advent Calendar 2011 and if you missed any of the other blogs I used, you can open the other doors here

Merry Christmas!!


365 Day Photo Challenge - 100 / 365

100 / 365 - Wow my one hundredth picture falls on Christmas Eve!  Here is Jacob before bed, getting ready to set up Father Christmas' food, of milk and biscuits!  

Friday, 23 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top 10 Music Highlights

Today and for the next six days, I will be reviewing my year in all its glory!  We begin with my top ten highlights through music, this includes all the events I have been to, and this year has really been amazing for music, in my opinion.  Coldplay brought their new album out, Dave Grohl won God-Like Genius and dub-step became a music genre I never thought I would like!  Here are my top ten personal music moments that I have been proud of sharing, in order of likeness!

10 - Seeing Jimmy Eat World play their most popular album, Bleed American, in its entirety -and what made it even more special was that we attended this gig with our best friends and danced the night away!

9 - Being crushed in the Dance tent trying to watch Nero at Reading Festival! - an experience for sure, I was really looking forward to seeig this band but after trying to squeeze ourselves into an already packed tent, we heard 30 seconds of their set, before being crushed and trampled on by what felt like the whole world!  It took us about ten minutes to get out even though we were near the entrance and I saw mylife flash before my eyes! I still managed to laugh though!

8 - Brian May playing guitar at My Chemical Romances set at Reading - to witness this was brilliant, MCR were playing a good set, only to bring out the man himself to We Will Rock You!

7 - Going to Glasgow to see Hurts - we were desperate to see this band but had missed out on tickets for the London gigs, so in February this year, we decided to jet off to sunny...Glasgow where Hurts were playing!  Me and Dean made a weekend of it and had a really good time and I was desperate to see this band again as they were amazing!

6 - Muse playing their album, Origin of Symmetry in its entirety at Reading - seeing Muse for the 6th time, and it was their 10th anniversary of their second album.  For me, I reminisced about a time where I was growing up, working and expeiencing going to gigs or the first time so t here the album in its entirety plus some of teir greatest hits was a dream come true!

5 - Pulps last ever gig - what better venue than Brixton academy to witness mine and Dean's favourite band perform a set that was so different to anything I had previously seen, and to regainmy love for the legend that is Jarvis Cocker!  There was light shows, gyrating on speakers, sex noises and three encores all before Jarvis announced that Pulp will not be around for a very long time...

4 - Longview making a comeback - this band only ever released one album six years ago but its one tha has remained one of my faves, and since then the band went very quiet.  Until Septembr, when we went to a very small gig of theirs, and speaking to lead singer, Rob, he confirmed that Longview were back with new songs, and boy did they sound good!  To show our support, we attended another gig of theirs in December, and had an even longer chat with Rob who is an amazing guy and genuinely had time for us!

3 - Attending our first ever festival - instead of going on holiday this year, me and Dean thougt we would break ou fesival virginity together so booked two days for Reading festival, plus a hotel!  You can read all about what went on here.

2 - Meeting Friendly Fires - again, at Reading Festival, we paid a visit to the NME signing tent, with a copy of their album in hand.  The guys lived up to their name, being extremely friendly, and we had a great chat with them! they signed my album and we told them we were seeing them in November, wich was also a gig highlight!

1 - Kylie Minogue duetting with Hurts - This is the best highlight for me because it came as such a shock!  Seeing Hurts for the second time, we knew what a treat we were in for except when Kylie walked out on stage, I just burst into tears like a silly little girl!  she stayed for two songs and I fulfilled yet another musical dream!

2011 has been the best year for fulfilling some of my musical dreams and with three gigs booked so far for 2012, the dreams keep coming!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 99 / 365

99 / 365 - Looking out of my kitchen window this morning, (well, eleven when I finally emerged from my pit!) I was surprised to see these horses literally only a few metres away!  They spent the day just walking around, and although the area I live in is full of countryside and horses, I did not expect them to be right outside my home!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 98 / 365

98 / 365 - Yesterday in the car, Jacob turned round to me and said, "Look, Mummy," and proceeded to wave his fingers around in my face, making a "Rock On" sign with his hand and was very proud of himself!

Advent Calendar - Day Twenty Three


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Advent Calendar - Day Twenty Two

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Advent Calendar - Day Twenty One

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365 Day Photo Challenge - 97 / 365

97 / 365 - At Jacobs school, they held an art and crafts session for the festival of chanukah and this is what Jacob made!  A marvellous Menorah which Mummy helped make too, and then we ate doughnuts!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 96 / 365

96 / 365 - This is what I woke up to on a Monday morning on a frosty December day.  The rubbish men hard at work and the sun rising whilst the world was still in bed, yet we were off to work and school!

Advent Calendar - Day Twenty

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Advent Calendar - Day Nineteen

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which is a magical blog full of wonderment, perfect for this time of year

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