Completed Challenges

This is a show case of all my completed challenges as list on my other page The Day Zero Project.  I will be showing pictures of the tasks I complete and whether I found it easy to do!

31:  Have another blog - Completed 2nd November 2012

To support my new business set up, I began another blog which you can visit at

30:  Start a business, or help someone start one - Completed 1st November 2012

I finally started my own business!  Its a children's party entertainment business and and I am having so much fun marketing, advertising and taking part in the whole set up.  I never thought I would be able to do it but I feel it has come natural to me and fingers crossed things take off!

29:  Have a Baby - Completed 8th September 2012

Matthew Zane was born 5 days late! I put 'have a baby' on my list as a challenge because I was so desperate to have another one!

28:  Visit the London Aquarium - Completed 5th August 2012

I have never been to the London Aquarium even though the Embankment where its located is one of my favourite places in London! A heavily pregnant me took my son and his friend here, and although I was a little disappointed by it,the boys had a fab time looking at sea life and best of all, the sharks!

27:  Host a baby shower - Completed 22nd July 2012

On my 34th week of pregnancy, I hosted a baby shower with the help of my best friends, for 13 guests with the theme of afternoon tea!

26:  See Madonna in concert - Completed 17th July 2012

This challenge was the one I least expected to complete!  A dream come true for me as I have never seen her live but the opportunity arose to see her MDNA tour at Hyde Park and I could not turn it down!

25:  Be a member of an audience of a TV show - Completed 26th May 2012

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the X Factor auditions in the O2, London.  You can read all about it here.

24:  Watch every single Doctor Who episode since 2005 - Completed 12th March 2012

Yes, we are Whovians!  We started watching from Series One of the new series in September, and 6 months later, challenge complete!  We didn't miss any episodes, cramming more than one in on some nights and now that its over, I feel the withdrawal symptoms kickind in!  Plus, we cannot remember what we watched of an evening before this challenge began!

23:  Travel on the Eurostar - Completed 17th February 2012

Travelling on the Eurostar to get to Paris, it was the first time I had been on here.  The journey there was long and eventually I got restless, but the way back was more relaxing so overall a pleasant experience!

22:  Visit the Eiffel Tower - Completed 18th February 2012

700 steps later and I had climbed the Eiffel Tower!  It was so much bigger then I expected but so exciting to see and we spent most of the afternoon here and then watched the tower light up in the evening!

21: Go on a girly weekend away - Completed 17th - 20th February 2012

Me, Kate and Jenni had been planning a weekend away for a while and we finally booked our weekend away to Paris.  We got on so well just as we knew we would and they were the perfect companions to go away with!

20:  Visit Paris for a weekend - Completed 17th- 20th February 2012

For three nights, me and the girls spent the weekend in Paris, men free!  We visted all the famous and most popular sights and this is me outside The Louvre.  The most expensive challenge to complete yet, but totally worth it!

19:  Go to a West End musical with my fiance - Completed 21st January 2012

I have been to see a musical before but my fiance hadn't so I put this on my challenge list to make sure we actually saw one together!  This was for my birthday and was probably the best musical I have seen, so funny and fantastically performed.  You can read my review here.

18:  Get Virgin Media - Completed 12th January 2012

I put this on my list because its been a few years since I had Sky and really wanted something similar back in my new home.  It feels great to have all those tacky channels back!  Plus I get to record things I miss again, hooray!

17: Set off chinese lanterns - Completed 1st January 2012

New Years Day was the perfect time to complete this challange but, boy, did it take some doing!  It was quite a windy night so to avoid the telephone lines, parked cars and rooftops was a challenge in itself!  We lit four altogether but only three successfully worked.

16:  Move House - Completed 7th Novembe 2011

Goodbye home of four years!  But hello, new, and bigger first floor maisonette!  The move went well thanks to my favourite people xx

15:  Blog 101 times - Completed 19th October 2011

Technically, I didn't really think this one through as athough this would have been a challenge, I didn't take into account my 365 Day Photo Challenge, which helped in totting up the number of posts I have done.  Still, I have this many posts and long may I continue!

14:  Drive on a motorway - Completed 16th October 2011
For obvious reasons, there is no picture for this!  But being a new driver, I was determined to learn the motorway route, so I picked up and brought back my son from his Granparents, meeting at Cambridge services. This involved me driving on the M25 and M11!  Was nerve wracking at first but on the way back I felt more comfortable!

13:  Own a plasma screen TV - Completed 15th October 2011

I have not actually ever bought my own TV!  When I moved to my flat, my Mum bought me my pink tv, then when it broke, my Nan gave me her old TV, but it has been on its way out for a year now so it was on the cards that me and Dean would purchase a brand spanking new TV!  Ta-dah!

12:  Buy Jacob a new winter wardrobe - Completed 14th October 2011

This had to be a challenge, as my son had not had any new clothes for about two years!  He is so tiny that he never grew out of them plus when he started school last year, he spent more time in his uniform than in ordinary clothes! Still it felt great to buy him a new winter wardrobe and actually have some refreshing pictures of him parading around in them!

11:  Finish my sons scrapbook for his first year at school - Completed 10th October 2011

About time!  The rest of the scrapbook is free for the next few years he is at school!

10:  Meet David Tennant - Completed 2nd October 2011

A dream come true, to read about when I met my hero, visit here

9:  Make a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs - Completed 30th September 2011

As well as compiling a list, I put 101 of my favourite songs onto CD so I could keep them for listening to them when I feel like it!  To see the full list, visit here

8: Drive through a drive-thru! - Completed 22nd September 2011

Not the most exciting of challenges lol, but seeing as I have only been driving 6 weeks, this was a challenge for me!  So, I went to McDonalds for my usual big breakfast with extra sausage and oj, through the drive thru without any problems, mision complete!

7: Keep a collection of all my writing projects - Completed 20th September 2011

Finally got round to buying a ringbinder and hole punch to keep my writing projects in!  Not the biggest of challenges but I had to put the effort in or it would never have been completed!

6: Kiss on top of the London Eye - Completed 17th September 2011

Ahh!!  Yes, I managed to get my fear-of-heights fiance on to the London Eye to share a kiss with me! Poor man was petrified but was very brave and Im proud of him!  Although, this was my challenge to do, but want to thank him for helping me achieve it!! To see more pictures of this day visit my blog post here.

5: Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of the 1001 days - Completed 16th September 2011
Got round to writing a letter including events of the past week and what I aim to get out of the project.

4: Sort out creative corner, and keep it organised! - Completed 15th September 2011

Not the best picture, but it represents me finally sorting out and arranging my scrapbooks and crafty items, ready for completing two other Day Zero challenges!

3: Go to a vintage fair - Completed 11th Septenber 2011

Me and my best friend Jenni, went to a vintage fair in Regents Park, I purchased soome vintage jewellery and admired all the fabulous outfits worn in days of yore!

2: Inspire Someone to complete a 101/1001 day project - Completed 7th September 2011

Thanks to my friend, Kate, who began her day zero project over on her blog.
And to my other bestie, Jenni, for starting her day zero project on her blog!

1: Write and complete a short story - Completed: 6th September 2011

My love for writing continues as I managed to complete my first short story entitled Songbird.  It is ready to send off to some competitions so fingers crossed, I can get my first story published too!!