Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those of you who have supported my blog so far!!  I have received many positve comments whih took me by surprise!!  I also accept contructive critisicm so feel free to comment on this too!!

Today, I will be blogging about how people in our lives inspire us, but before that, here is my biggest inspiration, part 2!

My Biggest Inspiration: Part Two -

The film, Moulin Rouge is such an inspiraton to me, through my life, my clothes and lifestyle!!  When I first saw this film, I cried like a baby at the cinema from beginning to end, as I realised I had found my niche and it would stay with me forever!!  From the romance to the setting, the music and the script, I am completely transfixed by this movie, quoting it non stop and pretending I am the lead characters!!  It is a film that represents my personality - unique, hyperactive, crazy and rebellious, happy one minute, sad the next and a commitment of never giving up no matter what.  The costumes are what every girl dreams of wearing, corsets, can-can skirts, high heels, stockings and suspenders, and here is where my love for all things vintage came from.  What makes it even more inspiring is the soundtrack, using contemporary music, modern day classics from Nirvana to The Police, mixed with the Tango and Bollywood, I have never seen a film like it before and probably never will again!!  They do not make musicals like this anymore!! Thank you to the genius that is film producer, Baz Luhrman!

Now to our inspiring topic of the day: Friends and Family xxx

So just a quick summary of how the people in my life inspire me: ( warning, sick bucket may be required!!)

My parents - they have been married for 29 years, at the time of writing this and that is inspiring enough for anyone to keep a marriage going.  My ultimate goal in life is to have as a successful marriage as they have and they prove that you can stay together if your truly in love and get through the hardest of times.  They have also brought me and my two brothers up to the best of their ability and that inspires me to bring my children up the same way!!

My Brothers - although they are younger than me, both inspire me to be the best sister I can be, to follow your dreams and to stick by your family regardless.

My Son, Jacob - in his short life so far, he has inspired me to strive to be the best mummy to him whilst juggling a hectic lifestyle, he is the reason I wake up every day and to watch him turn into a litle human is inspirational in itself.  He inspires me to work, to have fun and be silly and he inspires me to be the bring him up the best way possible in generation thats full of lazy, benefit frauding parents!!

My Fiance, Dean - A true inspiration to me because he lets me be myself and never judges me.  He is the definition of a good man and should be an inspiration to all men on how to treat a woman!  He makes an excellent role model to our son and is the perfect prince charming!!

My amazing friends - each and every one inspires me to be myself, to live life to its craziest and to work to live, not live to work.  They are all individuals who each possess a certain quirk that inspires me to go to them for different things and to share our passions for music, gigs, drinking, spending time together, tattooes and crafting!  These are the friends I have never had an argument with, never had a bad word to say about them, who are always there especially when I least expect it and always have time for me even when I am having a moment of bleakness!!  I am inspired by them to work, play, love and follow your dreams and I would never ask for anyone better to share all this wth me xxxx

From my lovely Miss Jenni Jones:

Lots of things inspire me. Books, films, places, music.
But the main thing is other people. yes. Other people. Not movie stars, or rock stars. Normal people. My friends, family. Strangers.
I hear people’s stories, I see friends photos, I read lots of blogs. People write about their life, their travels and their journals, and some of them are very inspiring!
I think one of the reasons why these people inspire me is because they are normal, and they have amazing lives and attitudes and ideas that all come from their own normal selves. They don’t have the help of millions of pounds to travel or write, which makes lives of those that do seem impossible and therefore uninspiring to me. Many of my friends at work and home have travelled to amazing places, and that just inspires me to go myself. Because if they can. I can!

And from my arty friend Kate Howard:
What inspires me?

Ambition -

Watching people follow their dreams. Watching those cheesy tv programs where people put everything into achieving their dreams, be it a pop star, dancer or even working for Alan Sugar. When they cry, I cry because I am someone who has those dreams and know
how it feels to want something so much.

You hold down 2 jobs whilst raising a child and perusing your dreams, because you want it that bad that you’ll make it work.

You realized that your life wasn't going in the direction you wanted it too, so you turned it around. You may only be doing your dream part time but we are all so proud of you.

It inspires me pursue my dreams no matter what obstacles are put in my way, or how ever many people may think I’m crazy and laugh at me. There is always a way.

Determination -

Turning 88 years old and booking a world cruise for 2012, because you shouldn't let age stop you from doing what your heart desires. Being determined to be there and in good health.
Im Inspired to be more like you I want to live a long and adventurous life.

Bravery -

Smiling, even though life hasn't been so kind to you recently and you really want to cry.
Holding my world together, when it feels like your own is falling apart.
Im inspired to be more like you and will try to remember that we all have problems and if we help each other it will be ok :):)

Selflessness -

You ask me everyday if I am ok and if there is anything you can do for me, even though somedays I do not return the gesture.
You go out of your way to do things for others, you barley get time to yourself.
Seeing how happy you are because you have helped someone and made their life a little easier.
I’m inspired to be more like you because you have helped me so much I don't know what I would do without you. Im inspired to be like you because one day I want people to love me as much as I love you.

So, after that slush fest, pop back tomorrow for inspiration through books and art xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Continuing with Inspiration Week, today I am looking at what music inspires us.

For me, music plays the biggest part in my life, whether its through my Ipod on the bus, or singing out of tune to my patient fiance!  I blame my parents, my dad has been a DJ for forever, and my mum has an eclectic music taste to say the least and me and my brothers have been brainwashed with music ever since we were born!  Which I plan to do to my son too, already his love for Coldplay and Elbow has him singing in the street at the most inappropriate times! 
  So, aside from Madonna, what music inspires me?
Mainly Metal, Indie, Electronic, Rock, and Acoustic, as well as Dance, Rock and Roll, Pop, Ambient and Alternative.  I prefer music that no one really knows about, I feel like Im the only one thats ever heard it and it feels more meaningful to me, ranging from Craig Armstrong, to M83.  For a more obvious choice, im inspired by Pink Floyd, Genesis, Muse, Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mansun and Placebo!  I am always open to other peoples inspirations, where others lack the ability to do so, as here is where I have stumbled across some amazing tracks and artists such as People in Planes and Depeche Mode, both of which have been introduced to me in a more broader way, making me appreciate all music, good or bad!!
  The only music that doesnt inspire me in the slightest is Country, RnB, Hip Hop and Rod bloody Stewart!!
I love the way music brings nostalgia, emotion, hope, laughter and spine tingling moments, there is nothing better in life than stumbling across a song that makes you jump for joy and tell the whole world about!!  I am glad that as i got older, my love for music became increasingly broader, wider and passionate, and I have my parents to thank for this!! 

Here, others share their love and inspirations through music:

I'm inspired by all types of media but probably more by music than any other form of expression. I am moved by poetry, films and books but definitely more inspired by music. I have a very eclectic taste and own cd's covering classical, jazz, rock, heavy metal, trance, drum 'n' bass, garage, hip-hop, blues and chill-out. I listen to music depending on the mood I'm in and can feel inspired by most of it, but if there's one song that regardless of how I feel can move me to feel like a vulnerable sensitive little soul, it's Clair De Lune by Debussy. There's just something raw and beautiful in the lonely piano keys that literally made me cry the first time i heard it.
Chris Stone

There are two types of folk I don’t understand; those who don’t like animals. And those who don’t like The Beatles.
People who like neither animals nor The Beatles, well thankfully I don’t believe I have ever actually met one.

Even if I wasn’t a Beatles fan, I’d still be a Beatles fan, if you know what I mean.

If you cut me open, I’d probably bleed Paul, John, and George.  And quite possibly even a few drops of Ringo.

I don’t like to say I’m obsessed, or a fanatic.
But I guess I am.

My passion for them has led me to meet many wonderful people, visit many wonderful places and see Paul McCartney in concert countless times.
I say countless, it’s actually 107…

When I was young, their melodies inspired me to write songs. They still do.

My house is filled with delectable Beatle collectibles; thousands of records and books, dolls, badges, games, stockings, a tea set, even a 1960s Beatle poker machine!
Friends like to tell me which part of my collection they’d like me to leave them, which may prove a tad difficult, as I plan on being buried with it all
Karen Freedman

My music collection so far............

Not overly impressive but this is about 12 years worth of cd collecting, my first being East 17s Up All Night album, Madonnas Something to Remember and Pulps Different Class!  The eclectic music taste begins!!

Here is my mini vinyl collection:

With the state of the music industry at the moment, its hard to keep up a collection of compact discs and especially vinyl, with music shops closing and downloads overtaking, I am one not impressed girl!!  I do download the odd track only because you cannot purchase the real thing, (thats cover, plastic box, cd and all folks!!) but I hate doing it.  I like holding the product and putting it in alphabetical order in my already anal collection!!  I still buy albums of course, but its been a long time since I got excited about going into a record shop on a Monday to buy my favourite bands' album, then rushing home to play it on my cd player!!
  However, I do love my Ipod, it does exactly what I want it to do where my Walkman failed!! Turning the tape over when the A side had finished on the bus was not a good look, rewinding and fast forwarding took forever to get to my favourite track, and dont get me started on accidently recording over the songs!!  When I fnally progressed to a portable cd player, which was only about six years ago (!), I spent so much money replacing them as most of them would make the cd jump as i walked along and I usually sat on them or damaged the inside by blowing the part your not supposed to!!  So my trusted Ipod, doesnt jump, skips to my favouite parts immediately, shows me what I am playing, no need to embarrass myself by showing the world what cd I am taking out to change it to and it holds as many songs as i want it to!!

I am sure many of you can relate to the old school way of playing our music and see the way the world has changed, but music will always be my first inspiration, in the words of Boyzone, no matter what!!!

Inspiration week tomorrow contiues with my biggest inspirations part two, plus how our family and friends play a part in inspiring us............

Monday, 27 June 2011


Welcome to Inspiration Week, here on my blog. 

There will be seven days worth of ideas, pictures, posts and blogs on the things that inspire me and you, with the help of my followers and friends.  I hope you will gain inspiration from this week, so would love to hear from you if you do, and please pass on my blog address to anyone else you feel may enjoy reading it!

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration".
2. The quality of having been so stimulated, esp. when evident in something: "a moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display".  

 My biggest inspirations:  Part One:

Probably an obvious choice for those that grew up in the 80s, like me but now I am in my late twenties, and still Madonna inspires me to be myself, dress how I want and not care about anything negative.  I used to love the way she reinvented herself constantly, and I feel I still put this into practise within myself.  My attitude towards life is definitely to rebel, (within reason) and if someone says you cannot do something, I will always do the opposite!!  I am not one of these people that would ever turn around and say I am like this because Madonna did it, but she has definetely instilled something in me that has made me who I am today, be it from her music, reinventions or attitude.  I have every one of her albums including compilations, remixes and DVDs, old school posters (remember Smash Hits?!), limited edition box sets and even a Madonna clock made out of vinyl, so you could say I have taken my fixation with her a little too far, but thats the fun of it!!  Madonnas music is pure brilliance, although some people may argue this, but there is no denying that even when there is not a Madonna track in the charts, her music lives through other peoples works, and in this day and age I would say Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Britney Spears are proof of this - what more inspiraton from one woman could you want?!!

Now from a little inspiration from one of my good friends, Gavin Stone, on what inspires him:

Inspiration is what leads people to do grea things in their lives.  It's why our world is the way it is today, for example, without the inspiration from birds, no one would have thought of building a plane.  Inspiration comes from different things depending on the person,whether your writing a song, deciding what career to choose or finding the right way to tell someone you love them.  Personally, I cannot put my inspiration or anyone elses down to one thing, it keeps us individual and creative in our own way.

On tomorrows blog: Inspired by music.......

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Watch this space.... Inspiration Week is coming!!

To my fellow bloggers and followers!!

To help with my Fiction Writing course, I have come up with Inspiration Week - a whole seven days dedicated to inspiration with the help of you!!
  What inspires you in your life? Do music, books and film play a vital role, or do the people around you inspire you?
  If you have any thoughts on this topic, pictures, ideas, etc, please feel free to comment or contact me and I would love to use these on my blog, credited to you.

Lets get the world Inspired!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My First Article!!

Just thought i would update my blog with this - my first article which i have entered into a well known womans magazine, asking for people with festival experience to enter their competition for a chance to write for them!!  Having never been to a festival though, i may have over stepped the mark but i see this as all good experience for me with my writing!  Have a read and let me know what you think!! xx

I am a festival virgin but going to reading this year!!  I have been to over 60/70 gigs in my short 28 years and hope to double this before I start complaining to everyone to "turn that music down!"
  So although i am a festival virgin, I have many an experience of wat to expect and cannot decide if im more excited about dressing like a hippy (my choice of style rather than influence!) or seeing the bands themselves! 
  Having seen Muse six times over the years, including both Wembley stadium gigs, I am truly excited to see them at reading festival this year, partly because they are playing their 2001 album origin of Symmetry for the last time and because I get to see them at a real life festival instead of on the tv!! Yes, I would turn my tv up to its fullest, bring in the troops, set up my sons Ben 10 play tent and believe i was actualy there!!  But I dont have to do that this year, i can live the real thing, even if i have to think about changing the type of tent i take!
  Other bands I am pushing my way to the front to see include 30 seconds to mars, jimmy eat world, white lies and elbow, all of which I have seen play live in smaller venues.  I cannot wait to soak up the festival atmosphere and if what i see on the tv is anything what it is like in the flesh, then this will go down as my favourite gig of them all and hopefully break my festival virgiity with dignity!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Camden Inspiration

 Inspired by the "harry potter" settings, in my own cosy old fashioned world!!
 For someone who has an irratonal fear of archways, (thats another story!), i just had to take this picture!

 The toilets in the basementwere smothered in graffiti!!!

 One of my favourtie shops, Cyberdog, where inside its illuminated and playing some powerful tunes!!

These are just some of the inspiring settings I came across to show my love of Camden Town, London.  There is so much to see here, and to buy that you would not see in any ordinary town and I just love coming here.  It motivates me to be inspired by the atmosphere, the people and to escape from everyday life and I now wantto write a novel based on this town as there is so much to take away from here.