Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Crafty Creatives - Whats In The Box?- Box 8

Ooh it has been a while since I reviewed the Crafty Creatives box as I have been so busy!  This months theme was:

Every month is a different themed box and this months had a bright and shapely theme to it which I love!  I always squeal with delight when I open the box as I never know what to expect!  The bolder the better, and this months art card was hard to ignore!

There is also a different Crafty Creatives 'kit' that comes in the box every month, giving us a chance to try something new and having instructions and props towards a new craft.  I have taken up crochet because of these boxes as one month had a crochet kit in it, and I have made a bath bomb which I will being doing again very soon!  This months kit was making a pendant necklace out of clay.  I am very excited about this as again, it is not something I have ever tried so I hope to post my results up soon.

Other bits and bobs have included these spotted cupcake holders and stripey straws...
...various materials including cloth and paper....

...and sticky spotty tape, stripey string and stripey glass beads

There were a few other bits and bobs in the box which I am holding back on showing as I want to make things with them and you will just have to wait and see, or buy a box of your own!

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