Sunday, 29 January 2012

Listography - My Top 5 Most Visited Websites

Over at Kate Takes 5, her listography theme this week is showcasing our top five most visited websites.  This is quite an easy one for me this week as I seem to spend my whole life on the internet!  So, hopefully  mine are not all social network related!  Here goes...

1: - Of course this is my most visited, I blog nearly everyday and when Im not ranting in a post, I am relaxing reading everyone elses'!

2: - surely this must be on most peoples lists!  I get ridiculed for going on here constantly but its not as often as it looks!  I do check facebook on my phone, mainly when I am bored to pass the time, but it also a good way of promoting my blog!

3: - my basket and wish list are busting at the seams! Thats because I am on it everyday clicking 'add' to all my personal recommendations!  I dont always buy my items but its a nice feeling to know that I can walk away when ever I want to!

4: - Oh how I love thee!  I have come across so many wondrous things on this website that I cannot comprehend they really exist!  I have been inspired and motivated by this website and long may it continue!

5:  Barclays - I was surprised that this was in my top five but then I do alot of online banking, so I know exactly what is going on with my account, plus its so much easier to transfer money to and from accounts, even when the bank is shut!

Now Im off to Kates listography to see what other delights I can come across xxx

365 Day Photo Challenge - 128 / 365

128 / 365 - This is Jacob engrossed in the film Back to the Future, which was on tv in the afternoon.  I just had to capture this because he was so cute, (if a little close to the screen!) and he didn't even notice me taking the picture of him!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Day Zero Project- Take Fiance to see a West End Show

Seeing as it was my birthday, I decided to tackle one of my challenges on my Day Zero list.  I have previously been to the theatre in the West End so it was not really much of a challenge.  However, it has been a few years and instead of spending all my wages on going to gigs, it made a change to get dressed up and see something new and exciting! My wonderful fiance, Dean, had never had the opportunity to see a show in London so I stuck it on my list of things we definetely had to do - no excuses!  And what better excuse than my birthday!

This was taken the night before where we dined with our closest friends and enjoyed a quiet one!

So, off to London we went, stopping off for a cheeky Nandos beforehand at Westfields, then a mad dash to Tottenham Court Road to see Rock of Ages, a show containing rock songs from the 1980s!

I didn't get a chance to take a proper picture of the outside until later as we thought we were late!  When we found out where our seats were, I was so chuffed - three rows back!  We were right near the front steps and boy, what a view we had!

This picture doesn't really do it justice but you get the idea.

The show itself was incredible!  It was full of laughter, songs and romance and my cheeks hurt so much midway from laughing, I didnt think I would make it to the second half!
I am a sucker for 80's rock - its so cheesy and the characters in the show took the mick out of the cheese and exaggerated it even more, which I truly loved them for!  Such classics as, 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' and 'The Final Countdown' had me giggling away, whilst 'More than Words' gave me goose bumps. 
One of the signs that added to the theme and decor around the room

Stars of the show, Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward were astonishing. Who knew I would be writing that full sentence one day?! JLC was his usual comedic self which I love about him.  Shayne Ward played a cocky, arrogant, rock star which sounds like a character none of us would like but I have to say he played it so brilliantly, miles away from the soppy, clean cut image he gave post X Factor!  I have a new found love for him! Especially as I got a special front view of his prized package!!
Yes. the show also had an extra special kinkiness, full of sex, scantily clad women, (and Shayne Ward!) and there were treats in there for both men and women!  I had never seen so much live naked flesh!
The main lead girls, Natalie Andreou and Jodie Jacobs were also fabulously over the top, and very brave!  Their singing voices were awesome, and Jodie in particular because I used to go to school with her sister, ha!!!
Another character that stood out for me was Lonny, played by Simon Lipkin.  What a guy! His comic timing was so funny I couldnt breathe at times, his acting just incredible and I could have watched him for more than three hours!

The finale -
Wow, what an ending to the show.  Everyone was up on their feet, it was as if the audience were on the stage with the cast, or maybe that was just me because we were so close to the front!
Journey's, Don't Stop Believing was the last song and it involved clapping, glitter and streamers.  A sight to behold!  Me and Dean left with more glitter in out hair than what was actually falling on us!  We are still picking it out today!

This show is truly a must-see, gosh I sound like a journalist!  But honestly, I had so much fun, I wasn't bored once, and I would definetely go and see it again for the songs and jokes. The storyline was cliched and predictable but then the writers knew that so they took the mickey out of themselves and wrote it into the show.  Thank you, Rock of Ages, you rocked my night!


365 Day Photo Challenge - 127 / 365

127 / 365 - My mum and dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this month and I usually make them something creative whenever a milestone is hit!  This is a put-together book which I made and it included photos and my own words to commemorate their special day. xx

365 Day Photo Challenge - 126 / 365

126 / 365 - This is the wonderful birthday card my brilliant and talented friend, Marian, designed for me from all the nursery staff for my birthday, it sums me up perfectly!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 125 / 365

125 / 365 - this cake was from the staff at Nursery where I work who surprised me on my birthday! They sang Happy Birthday with all 52 children whilst I stood mortified yet blessed and happy!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pinning Posts - Week 2

This weeks favourite pins are -

1:  Pinned Image
I love the vibrancy of the colours plus the frog!

2:  Pinned Image
I have a doctor who board on Pinterest so this was straight on it!  Love this cake!

3:  Pinned Image

Totally belive in being a leader not a follower!

4:  Pinned Image

Combining two of my loves - Paris and tote bags!

5:  Pinned Image

I want this in my home!

Thank you to Pinterest for this weeks inspiring pins xxx

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365 Day Photo Challenge - 124 / 365

124 / 365 - Last night I went to see the musical. Rock of Ages for my birthday at the Shaftesbury Theatre.  It ws truly amazing and I laughed so much my cheeks are still hurting!

31 Blog Posts - Day 21

21st January
What are you looking forward to the most?

Note the date - its my birthday!  So I was looking forward to that but now its almost over, the next thing I have to look forward to is my weekend away with the girls to Paris in mid February!

31 Blog Posts - Day 20

20th January
Are you holding a grudge?

This is not going to be the longest post answer as I'm not currently holding a grudge and I don't tend to either as they are pointless.  That's not to say I haven't not held one before because I have but it never got me anywhere so now I use the motto 'I forgive but never forget' which I suppose is a bit like holding a grudge!                     

365 Day Photo Challenge - 123 / 365

123 / 365 - This is what I woke up to on my birthday!  My darling fiance spoilt me rotten with flowers, Sex & the City box set and a new bag!  What more could a girl ask for?!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 122 / 365

122 / 365 - This is me and my amazing friends celebrating my 29th birthday at Wildwood Restauant in Hornchurch.  I had such a great time, food and servce was fab and I laughed so hard with everyone that I couldnt finish my dessert!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 19

19th January
List three foods you ate today!

Well, seeing as I have been stuck indoors, I saw an opportunity to pig out!  The three things I enjoyed were Frosties cereal, a banana and a packet of monster munch! (Thats not all I have eaten though!).

365 Day Photo Challenge - 121 / 365

121 / 365 - Today, Jacob was off school with a temperature so I spent some of the afternoon scrapbooking at my new desk!  Here is the wonderful organised chaos I created!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Gallery - Eyes

I can't remember the last time I took part in The Gallery but I was looking forward to this weeks theme: Eyes. Its quite rare for me (or anyone!) to have pictures of this, especially of my son, so the only picture I do have is this of me -

Ooh a scary and not so flattering shot!
This was taken on route to a friends Masquerade party and I really loved this mask!  No, I'm not vain, it is meant to be a picture of the mask and not my gormless face!
You can just about see my son in the background with his mask on but I didn't get any close up ones of him unfortnately!

Now pop over to Sticky Fingers to see some more mesmerizing eyes!

31 Blog Posts - Day 18

18th January
What was peaceful about today?

When I came home from a whole day of work and running around, after dinner and putting Jacob to bed, I laid in a luxurious bubble bath and that was the most peaceful thing I had done all day!!

31 Blog Posts - Day 17

17th January
What type of person are you?

Ooh where to start with this one? I coud be here all day!  Overall, I think I am a crazy, hyperactive, perfectionist with a passion for life and being an awesome mummy! Its hard to place what 'type' of person I am, maybe extrovert, optimistic and outgoing although I have my opposite moments when I feel shy, but then isn't everyone like that? I may have to go away and think about this question and write it out in a later post!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 120 / 365

120 / 365 - Ooh, now that my girly weekend to Paris is all booked for February, I invested in this - the Little Black Book of Paris.  Its full of information and maps of the best places to go and things to do and I cant wait to put this in my handbag and use it out there!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 119 / 365

119 / 365 - This is Jacob in the car trying his first Munch Bunch yoghurt!  And of course, never being the greatest of pictures because he is so busy waving at me!

Monday, 16 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 16

16th January
Does someone owe you money or do you owe anyone?

If someone owed me money I wouldn't advertise it on my blog!  Im not owed money though because  don't really like lending it out.  Sounds a bit stingy but having been stung in the past by people not paying back, I just refuse unless its a member of my family or close friends.  Even then, nobody ever asks me!  I certainly do not owe anyone money, I would rather it be owed to me.  I have never, ever asked anyone for money, not even my own Mum!  I just cannot bring myself to it, maybe its a pride thing but even when I have hit rock bottom, its my problem and I should depend on no one otherwise I would never learn!

Mix Tape Mondays - The Song that was Number 1 on the Day I Was Born

Todays Mix Tape Monday is a great theme, finding out what was number one on the day I was born.  I had known it was this a long time ago and am so pleased as I am a huge Phil Collins fan! Ha!  (Mainly his Genesis years but his solo stuff rocked too!).  So, on the 21st January 1983, Phil Collins got to number one with You Cant Hurry Love, enjoy!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pinning Posts - Week 1

My love for  Pinterest has got out of control!  So I thought I would like to share this with my readers!  Every week I will be showcasing my top five pins from my boards.  Many of them inspire my style, motivate me to get my craft on and most of them make me even more addicted to this website!

My top 5 pins this week are:

Pinned Image

When I came across this, it is exactly what I was looking for as an idea to decorate my living room.  I wanted something minimal yet also had to stand out so I will be working on something similar to this throughout spring!

Pinned Image

Repinned from Wedding Cakes by Linda Pope

When I saw this, I freaked out!  Being a huge lover of all things Paris and the Moulin Rouge, this cake is the perfect thing for me!  And its so well done, definetely the best thing I have ever seen!

Pinned Image

I love shoes just like any girl but the shoes I love have to be unique and totally not seen anywhere! Continuing my Parisian theme, these shoes are so different, using the heel as the main focal point and I am on the hunt for a pair for myself!

Pinned Image

My regular readers and friends will know I have an unhealthy perfectly normal collection of notebooks and this picture represents the sort of thing I look for, quirky, shabby chic and totally bonkers!

Pinned Image

Says it all really!

31 Blog Posts - Day 15

15th January
On a scale of one to ten, how was your lunch today?

Ha!  Well I would say it was a nine!  After booking our trip to Paris, meandthe girls went to lunch at Costa coffee and there I had a tuna melt with cheese which I thought was a strange combination!  It was heated up as well but it still tasted nice in my mouth and I would have one again!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 118 / 365

118 / 365 - This picture is of my booking confirmation to Paris!  Me and the girls booked it today for a weekend in February and boy, am I excited!  We are going on the Eurostar and staying in lovely accommodation, this is also towards ticking off some challenges on the Day Zero Project!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 14

14th January
Are you a leader or a follower?

I think it depends on what situation for me as I come across as quite extrovert but dependng on the crowd I can be very shy.  I like to be a leader in my family and group of friends but believe in compromise amongst them as its not always about what I want!  If I have an opinion in a crowd I like to give it but if someone intimidates me, I am quick to back down. 
  At work, I am definitely a leader, having been promoted in most of my past jobs and taking leadership easily but without letting it go to my head.  If my boss makes me a leader, I will follow it through but take others into consideration.
  Overall, I think I am a leader seeing as most of my experience comes from being at work.

365 Day Photo Challenge - 117 / 365

117 / 365 - This is a random picture but I was reading an Art book and I came across a picture of a receipt someone had put in from a restaurant I used to work in, well not the exact one but the same chain.  Its a big deal because all the restaurants in the UK have since closed down so to see this was amazng!

Listography - Top 5 Tips for Bloggers

Oh no, a really, really hard list for me this week.  I almost feel like I don't have a right to participate in this week's Listography but Kate said it does not matter how long you have been blogging for to answer this so I will take her advice and pray!  I have been blogging for 9 months now, and I am still learning as I go along.  So this list will be based on the things that have helped me to keep going with my blog, even when I thought there was never anyone reading it!

My top five tips for blogging are:

1:  Keep it fresh - I feel that it shows your readers that you care about them if you are constantly coming up with new ideas, new pictures, and sometimes even a new page layout to show you care, to show that you are putting in the effort and to keep new ways of showing who you are as a blogger.  For me, this makes it more fun and keeps readers guessing what you may come up with next!

2:  Join in with challenges - To keep me on my toes, I have joined the Day Zero Project and the 365 Day Photo Challenge so that even if I ran out of ideas for posts, I always have these to inspire me and keep me going!  They have both generated my highest stats too so I know people are visiting my pages through these projects, plus I have so much fun challenging myself and giving me something to do!

3:  Join in with memes, link ups and giveaways - not only do these generate many a page view and visitors to your blog, but I have also met some great people and had so much fun seeing the different themes every week and thinking about how I will participate even if some subjects are hard!  My favourite link ups are The Gallery, Mix Tape Mondays and of course, Listography!

4:  Read and comment on other blogs - Not only is it polite, but I have also been inspired by reading other blogs.  To comment, I never really did this at first unless I felt strongly about something but now I realise that not only can commenting get you some readers too, but it also helps the blogger!  When I receive comments, I get that lovely warm feeling that somone has taken their time to comment, so to do the same for someone else is great!  I also enjoy seeing what other people have to say, what things they have come up with and their take on blogging.

5:  Join networks such as twitter and facebook - The banes of my life!  But they have given me the most followers and any excuse to go on these sites always helps!  Networked blogs is a site on these social networks that keeps my followers updated automatically so I don't have to remind them myself to look at any new posts.

Wow, I got through it!  Those were the best I could come up with, so now Im popping over to Kate Takes 5 to see what tips others can give me!

Friday, 13 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 13

13th January
Where do you want to travel to next?

Well, seeing as this weekend I am booking a weekend to Paris with the girls, thats my next desiation.  nd to continue my Day Zero Project, I also want to go to Gran Canaria, (because my mum has been raving that I go because she loves it there!) and New York. 

31 Blog Posts - Day 12

12th January
Whats your favourite accessory?

I hav so many earrings from Claires Accessories that I could open my own shop!  These would be my favourite accessory as I have so many different types, one for each outfit, mood, style and colour!  I have not bought any new ones for a while, but I love my quirky ones and ones that are so unusual that people stop me in the street and ask me where I got them from!  I have my ears pierced twice in each ear so I have fun mixing up the sets and having fun with different ways in which I can wear them!

31 Blog Posts - Day 11

11th January
Today you lost____

For a change, I haven't lost anything such as bag, phone or keys!  I have probably lost a few more brain cells!  But if I answer this properly, I feel like I have lost out on sleep, even though I hav a nap in the afternoons and a good nights sleep most nights!

31 Blog Posts - Day 10

10th January
What makes a good friend?

I am a firm believer in friendship being a two way thing.  If one person is all take, take, take while the other gives it all to them, its never going to work.
  I have a very close unit of friends, I don't need thousands of friends to make me feel special because the ones I do have, already make me feel like that.  I have never had an argument with any of them, we have never fallen out and I know they would do anything for me, just as I would them. 
These are the traits that my closest friends show that makes a good friend:

  • They remember important dates and make a bigger deal of them than I do!
  • They go out of their way to help in my hour of need, even if I haven't asked them to
  • They send text because they remembered they haven't spoken to me in a week, just to see how I am
  • They make me laugh
  • They never. ever judge me for my weirdo attributes, unique style and bad taste in music!
  • They are there when I least expect them to be
  • They are selfless
There are many more reasons but you get the idea.  I try to give back to them as much as I can, (I'm the only one at the moment with a child so its harder to give back as much!) but I am sure they know I would do the same for them at any moment, and they must be my friends for a reason so sometimes you dont always need to give back.

365 Day Photo Challenge - 116 / 365

116 / 365 - Jacob paid a visit to his Great Grandmas after school, she lives next door to it so its very handy!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

365 Day Photo Challenge - 115 / 365

115 / 365 - This huge beast greeted me this afternoon as I put my coat on to go out!  This is the first spider I have seen since moving here and Im afraid if they are all going to be this big, I may have to move again!

Monday, 9 January 2012

My First Giveaway - Only 4 Days Left to Enter!

If you havent entered my Giveaway yet, it ends this Friday 13th at 6pm!  For your chance to win ine of three vouchers to use at, just follow the instructions and there are even plenty of chances to have more than one entry too!  Click on the link above to fnd out more ad good luck!!

MixTape Mondays - A Song by my First Pop Crush

Once upon a time, I once loved pop.  Dont ask me how I then evolved into an emo-metal head but its happened and I hold my head up high with pride because you cannot go wrong with pop!  For the MIx Tape Monday link up, we have to choose a song by our first pop crush and mine was the wonderful Jason Donovan!!  I used to love buying Smash Hits to get the centrefold of him and I briefly remember ownng an annual of his!  This is my favourite song by him, even though its a cover version!  Swoon xxxx

31 Blog Posts - Day 9

9th January
Was today typical for you or not?

Yes, today was a typical day although it has been hard getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break.  A typical weekday consists of doing the work and school run, working in the morning, chores in the afternoon, picking up my boys from work and school and then going home for dinner.  Some days I may be lucky and have a cheey lunch with friends, other days I may do more hours at work.  But today was pretty much the same as it should be!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 114 / 365

114 / 365 - Oh how I love my little man!  This is him really concentrating on his homework!  So proud!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 8

8th January
What song is stuck in your head?

A short answer for todays question, Kasabians' Days are Forgotten, it has just been on tv and I have only just realised its going round and round in my head!  Other songs that have bugged me this week are Paradise by Coldplay and Price Tag, Jessie J!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 113 / 365

113 / 365 - Today, a week later, Jacob celebrated his 6th birthday with a party! We had bouncy castles and all the kids had a ball.  Here he is blowing out his candles on his very big Lighteneing McQueen cake!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My First Giveaway - There are 6 days left to enter!!

If you have not seen already, I am hosting my first giveaway!  To find out how to enter, visit here! And good luck!!

31 Blog Posts - Day 7

7th January
How are you lucky/unlucky?

I definitely do not see myself as being unlucky.  I am the luckiest girl in the world as I have everything I need, a gorgeous home, an amazing fiance, a wonderful little boy, a job I finally enjoy, amazing friends and a nutty family!  What more could someone ask for?
  This has not always been the case as I have, what you could say, had many unlucky things happen to me in my short 29 years!  Ive been married and divorced, lived in a woman's refuge as a single mum, dealt with someone else's drug problem, dealt with social services, re-built my life from scratch, miscarried twins, and grieved for my son's dad, as well as many other people in my life that have sadly passed away and at such a young age.  This has been enough to deal with through the years so I think it is about time I had some luck and am finally content with my life!  I would never say I have been unlucky, I have just got myself into some situations that have been difficult to get out of!  But they have all made me the person I am today, stronger, wiser and surprisingly optimistic!

365 Day Photo Challenge - 112 / 365

112 / 365 - Me, Dean and Jacob popped to Asdas today to get tons of shopping for the week and to get Jacob party food for tomorrow, however we could not have picked a worse day for it!  The queues for the checkouts were backing up down the aisle and we queued up for half an hour!  It wasn't even like that at christmas!!  Dean's face here says it all!

Listography - 5 of My Best....

Yay, Listography is back and for the first of my list for 2012, Kate Take 5 has asked us to chose our own best ofs' which is a chore in itself for me! (Ok, so Im just being lazy!). So here are some random things that I favouritise!!

1 - My Best Day of the Week - Saturdays!  It falls between Friday and Sunday during the weekend which means I get to have fun, relax and spend time with family and friends! Hooray!


2 - My Best Website - this is not a difficult one for me, it has to be Amazon!  I am totally addicted and my basket is bursting to be bought!  What makes the addiction worse, is that they have personal recommendations on there so they even know what potentially I may like!!

3 - My Best Gig I have Ever Been to - I dont know why I have made this so hard for myself as I have been to over 60 gigs and to chose just one is very difficult!  I'm going to have to pick Muse at Wembley Stadium 2010, just because it sticks out for me as being magical!


4 - My Best Stage Musical - Again, another hard one but I thouroughly enjoyed seeing We Will Rock You, twice!  Being a big Queen fan I was in my element when I went to see this, and would gladly go again!

5 - My Best Blog Post - Generating a total of 700+ views, and being my favourite highlight of 2011 is Meeting David Tennant!

Now pop over to Kates to see what others picked as their 'Bests' xxxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

My First Giveaway!

Ooh I'm just as excited as you are!!  Welcome to my first blog giveaway!  Courtesy of I am giving away not 1, not 2, but THREE gift cards to use on their website!  (Am I sounding like a cheesy gameshow host yet?!)  These vouchers entitle you to 2 months free, (upto £30) to rent any DVD, blu-ray or games, including free delivery!!

  I have received these vouchers because I am a valued customer of theirs, and I spend £4.99 a month renting out up to 2 DVDs, which for me is a godsend for these dark days.  I have never had any problems with Lovefilm and its such a hassle free service!  I have to point out they are not paying me or sponsoring me for this giveaway, I get nothing out of it, just a selfless good deed for all my loyal readers!

If you would like to have one of these vouchers all you have to do is:

Follow my blog, (if you already are, then your one step closer!) then do any of the following if you wish:
  • Click "like" on my facebook page (entitles you to 2 entries!)
  • Follow me on twitter - @missjade21
  • Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite movie of all time is, with your email address, (or email me at if you wish to remain anonymous)
  • Post a link to my giveaway on your own blog (this entitles you to 5 entries!)
  • Tweet about this giveaway with the hashtag #wonderscarygiveaway (entitles you to 3 entries)
You dont have to do all of these, just following me and letting me know you are is enough to give you one entry, but if you would like more entries then follow the above!  You could earn upto 13 entriesif you do the whole lot!!

This closes at 6:00pm Friday 13th January and winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck and thank you for taking part!!

N.B,  You dont have to have a blog to take part
          Winners will be picked at random
          You must have a valid email address to take part
          Please check your emails and junk mail to see if your a winner!

      Happy days!!

      A normal blog post for a change as all I seem to do is memes, photo challenges and such like!  I wanted to write a post about how happy I am because it is so rare for me to say this!
        What has brought this on?  Its winter, its dark and cold and I should be miserable!
      Well, I have been miserable, three weeks worth of misery began in the build up to christmas!  I had rude people attack me, invading my life, telling me to cheer up, pushed around by mad shoppers and even some road rage managed to find its way in!  Then christmas came, I had a rotten cold, and christmas went.  My son's birthday came, I got a stomach bug, and then New Years came and suddenly, miserable me was disappearing and something else crept in.  It was not until yesterday, recovering from my stomach bug, that I began to feel happiness!
        This happiness came about for a number of reasons:

      • Christmas is over, summer is approaching!
      • I felt better for the first time in weeks
      • I had quit one job out of two
      • I have everything around me that I need, family, friends and a new home
      2012 seems to be the start of something new, and maybe it is because I no longer work nights,  I mean, that job was killing me.  For two years now I have worked in restaurants, three nights a week, as well as being a Nursery Nurse at a school during the day.  I was made redundant in September at one restaurant and luckily got to be a waitress in another restaurant straight away.  However, it was taking its toll on me, my routine most days would consist of:

      • Taking Dean to work for 8:30
      • Take son to school for 8:40
      • Start work at school 8:45
      • Finsh work between 11:45 and 1:00pm
      • Pop home to do chores - washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning, blogging!
      • Pick up son at 3:45
      • Hang around for an hour then pick up Dean from work at 5:00pm
      • Sit in traffic for half an hour until dropping boys off at home
      • Shoot off to sit in more traffic before starting other job at 6:00
      • Finish work between 10-12:00am
      • Stay up for half an hour just to wind down before bed
      • Bed at 1:00am
      • Repeat all steps the next day!
      Writing that down now and reading it back makes me wonder how I ever survived!  Just before the kids broke up from school, I handed my notice in.  With regret, as the company trained me up to serve there and I really enjoyed my job.  However, it was affecting everything else, I hated not puttig my son to bed, I hated being tired and groggy all the time and I hated planning my whole life around night work!
        I feel so much happier now that my day ends at 5pm, instad of dropping Dean and Jacob at home and shooting off to work, I now stay at home with them. have dinner, relax, talk, read bedtime stories and chill out! 
      Thats why I am happy, because I enjoy my only job, I enjoy being mummy, I enjoy being fiance and I certainly enjoy having much more time to blog!

      More family time with my brothers!

      31 Posts - Day 6

      6th January
      Today was tough because_____

      Today was tough because it was my first day back at work after christmas and being ill!  It was not so tough at work, just hard getting up, and now that work is finished for the day, (I cant really moan, I only do three hours a morning!) Im exhausted!  I have hardly done a thing but where I have not been out the house much, it has really taken it out of me!

      Thursday, 5 January 2012

      31 Blog Posts - Day 5

      5th January
      What was the last restaurant you went to?

      It was Frankie & Bennys for my sons 6th birthday.  Dean ad I took him and a friend, ir was Jacob's chosen restaurant so we could blame him if we didn't like it!  I had three different starters for my main which is sometimes the better option!  We even got the waiters to sing Happy Birhday to Jacob with an ice cream to go with it!

      365 Day Photo Challenge - 111 / 365

      111 / 365 - A random picture but I had to pop into town this morning, I was still feeling unwell but chores still had to be done!  Its the first time I had been to my local multi storey car park since Christmas and this was the lovely view I was met with when I parked my car!  Pure emptiness and bliss!  I was finished and home in thirty minutes to nurse myself better!