Friday, 19 August 2011

My Notebook Obsession

I have been meaning to write a post about my notebooks for a while, my blog has been lacking posts about my writing so what better way to start than to write about what I write in!!

I have lost count of the amount of notebooks I have but this picture should give you a rough idea!! 

There are plenty more but I couldnt fit them in the photograph!! So these are my best ones, most colourful, unique and inspiring that I have.  Most of them are not written in, just too precious.

And this is how they sit on my shelf, in the living room!!  Now, my first ever notebook was given to me at the age of about 9, it was from Avon which my mum had purchased and had peaches all over it.  Unfortunately, I dont actually know what happened to it but Im sure it was confiscated for its content!!  My love for notebooks has recently grown in the last four years.  I always bought a diary every year to write my daily activities and life stories in but as I have got older, I have found that time is lacking and by the end of the day, I just want to sit and stare at the tv instead of re-living the days events!!

This is the ONLY diary I have ever completed!!  Page by page, front to back!! It was from 1999-2001 and mainly consists of me moaning about how shit my life is!! So cringey when I read it back, but am pleased I was successful in completing at least one of my many diaries!!

This is one of my favourite notebooks, you cant tell from this picture but the cover is made out of wood!!  And the picture is embossed, which makes this gorgeous! The paper is plain inside and I love the fact that it has a binder on the side so that it is not as easy to ruin when you fold it back.

This is also embossed and was bought from Camden market.  They are handmade with parchment paper inside, and I chose the music note emblem because it represents me and all things music that I love!!

My favourite places to buy notebooks from are Paperchase, Artbox and Selfridges!!  I love stumbling on a gift shop or two especially in museums and art galleries, and am constantly on the hunt for original covers.  I do occasionally write in some of them, mainly journalling, lists and ideas.  I still alway try to keep a diary but I know that i will probably never complete a full one again! Life is just too hectic, however, if I have time to write a blog, Im sure there is time to fill out one of my gorgeous notebooks!!

So to sum up - I LOVE NOTEBOOKS!! And Im not ashamed to say it! Ill leave you with this picture, showing off my vinyl bookends!!

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  1. Moleskines. I have far too many of them. I'm glad it's not just me who gets suckered by a shiny notebook! There's a company up here on Shetland makes the most fantastic leather-bound books - I have an A4 one I'm writing in and another for when it's full. Can't help myself!