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Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those of you who have supported my blog so far!!  I have received many positve comments whih took me by surprise!!  I also accept contructive critisicm so feel free to comment on this too!!

Today, I will be blogging about how people in our lives inspire us, but before that, here is my biggest inspiration, part 2!

My Biggest Inspiration: Part Two -

The film, Moulin Rouge is such an inspiraton to me, through my life, my clothes and lifestyle!!  When I first saw this film, I cried like a baby at the cinema from beginning to end, as I realised I had found my niche and it would stay with me forever!!  From the romance to the setting, the music and the script, I am completely transfixed by this movie, quoting it non stop and pretending I am the lead characters!!  It is a film that represents my personality - unique, hyperactive, crazy and rebellious, happy one minute, sad the next and a commitment of never giving up no matter what.  The costumes are what every girl dreams of wearing, corsets, can-can skirts, high heels, stockings and suspenders, and here is where my love for all things vintage came from.  What makes it even more inspiring is the soundtrack, using contemporary music, modern day classics from Nirvana to The Police, mixed with the Tango and Bollywood, I have never seen a film like it before and probably never will again!!  They do not make musicals like this anymore!! Thank you to the genius that is film producer, Baz Luhrman!

Now to our inspiring topic of the day: Friends and Family xxx

So just a quick summary of how the people in my life inspire me: ( warning, sick bucket may be required!!)

My parents - they have been married for 29 years, at the time of writing this and that is inspiring enough for anyone to keep a marriage going.  My ultimate goal in life is to have as a successful marriage as they have and they prove that you can stay together if your truly in love and get through the hardest of times.  They have also brought me and my two brothers up to the best of their ability and that inspires me to bring my children up the same way!!

My Brothers - although they are younger than me, both inspire me to be the best sister I can be, to follow your dreams and to stick by your family regardless.

My Son, Jacob - in his short life so far, he has inspired me to strive to be the best mummy to him whilst juggling a hectic lifestyle, he is the reason I wake up every day and to watch him turn into a litle human is inspirational in itself.  He inspires me to work, to have fun and be silly and he inspires me to be the bring him up the best way possible in generation thats full of lazy, benefit frauding parents!!

My Fiance, Dean - A true inspiration to me because he lets me be myself and never judges me.  He is the definition of a good man and should be an inspiration to all men on how to treat a woman!  He makes an excellent role model to our son and is the perfect prince charming!!

My amazing friends - each and every one inspires me to be myself, to live life to its craziest and to work to live, not live to work.  They are all individuals who each possess a certain quirk that inspires me to go to them for different things and to share our passions for music, gigs, drinking, spending time together, tattooes and crafting!  These are the friends I have never had an argument with, never had a bad word to say about them, who are always there especially when I least expect it and always have time for me even when I am having a moment of bleakness!!  I am inspired by them to work, play, love and follow your dreams and I would never ask for anyone better to share all this wth me xxxx

From my lovely Miss Jenni Jones:

Lots of things inspire me. Books, films, places, music.
But the main thing is other people. yes. Other people. Not movie stars, or rock stars. Normal people. My friends, family. Strangers.
I hear people’s stories, I see friends photos, I read lots of blogs. People write about their life, their travels and their journals, and some of them are very inspiring!
I think one of the reasons why these people inspire me is because they are normal, and they have amazing lives and attitudes and ideas that all come from their own normal selves. They don’t have the help of millions of pounds to travel or write, which makes lives of those that do seem impossible and therefore uninspiring to me. Many of my friends at work and home have travelled to amazing places, and that just inspires me to go myself. Because if they can. I can!

And from my arty friend Kate Howard:
What inspires me?

Ambition -

Watching people follow their dreams. Watching those cheesy tv programs where people put everything into achieving their dreams, be it a pop star, dancer or even working for Alan Sugar. When they cry, I cry because I am someone who has those dreams and know
how it feels to want something so much.

You hold down 2 jobs whilst raising a child and perusing your dreams, because you want it that bad that you’ll make it work.

You realized that your life wasn't going in the direction you wanted it too, so you turned it around. You may only be doing your dream part time but we are all so proud of you.

It inspires me pursue my dreams no matter what obstacles are put in my way, or how ever many people may think I’m crazy and laugh at me. There is always a way.

Determination -

Turning 88 years old and booking a world cruise for 2012, because you shouldn't let age stop you from doing what your heart desires. Being determined to be there and in good health.
Im Inspired to be more like you I want to live a long and adventurous life.

Bravery -

Smiling, even though life hasn't been so kind to you recently and you really want to cry.
Holding my world together, when it feels like your own is falling apart.
Im inspired to be more like you and will try to remember that we all have problems and if we help each other it will be ok :):)

Selflessness -

You ask me everyday if I am ok and if there is anything you can do for me, even though somedays I do not return the gesture.
You go out of your way to do things for others, you barley get time to yourself.
Seeing how happy you are because you have helped someone and made their life a little easier.
I’m inspired to be more like you because you have helped me so much I don't know what I would do without you. Im inspired to be like you because one day I want people to love me as much as I love you.

So, after that slush fest, pop back tomorrow for inspiration through books and art xxx

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