Saturday, 11 June 2011

My First Article!!

Just thought i would update my blog with this - my first article which i have entered into a well known womans magazine, asking for people with festival experience to enter their competition for a chance to write for them!!  Having never been to a festival though, i may have over stepped the mark but i see this as all good experience for me with my writing!  Have a read and let me know what you think!! xx

I am a festival virgin but going to reading this year!!  I have been to over 60/70 gigs in my short 28 years and hope to double this before I start complaining to everyone to "turn that music down!"
  So although i am a festival virgin, I have many an experience of wat to expect and cannot decide if im more excited about dressing like a hippy (my choice of style rather than influence!) or seeing the bands themselves! 
  Having seen Muse six times over the years, including both Wembley stadium gigs, I am truly excited to see them at reading festival this year, partly because they are playing their 2001 album origin of Symmetry for the last time and because I get to see them at a real life festival instead of on the tv!! Yes, I would turn my tv up to its fullest, bring in the troops, set up my sons Ben 10 play tent and believe i was actualy there!!  But I dont have to do that this year, i can live the real thing, even if i have to think about changing the type of tent i take!
  Other bands I am pushing my way to the front to see include 30 seconds to mars, jimmy eat world, white lies and elbow, all of which I have seen play live in smaller venues.  I cannot wait to soak up the festival atmosphere and if what i see on the tv is anything what it is like in the flesh, then this will go down as my favourite gig of them all and hopefully break my festival virgiity with dignity!!

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