Sunday, 17 July 2011

Listography - Gigs

This weeks theme is Gigs, specifically, artists I would like to see live, otherwise we could be here all day with the bands I have seen live!

1: Madonna - yes, a little predictable if you have read my blog before, but being a huge fan, I have never had the money to pay for her extortionate tickets! However, I would definitely see her live as im sure it would be a dream come true for me!

2: Pink Floyd :  After watching Pulse, and David Gilmours' Live at the Royal Albert Hall countless times, this would be my ultimate gig, stunning and leaving the audience blown away.  The closest I have gotten to a gig like this is Muse!! Dreamy music, stunning effects, if Carlsberg did gigs like this, they would probably be the best gigs in the world!!

3: Genesis: and so my prog rock continues, I missed out on the last tour they ever did, again due to lack of funds, but watching their Live in Rome dvd, makes me wish I had taken a loan out for the gig!!

4: Mansun: old indie band who I am a huge fan of, having split up just before I was old enough to go to gigs so this would be an ultimate dream band to see.  Instead, I have their whole back catalogue and re-releases to keep me entertained whilst I wait for their inevitable reunion.....

5: The Eagles: I actually could have seen them at this years Hop Farm Festival but had already booked my Reading tickets, so missed out. Singing my favourite song of all time, Hotel California, and lead singer Don Henley, singing my second favourite song Boys of Summer, I would gladly see this band live.

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  1. LOVE Love love your list... i keep reading people's and thinking "ooo i wish i'd put that" Hotel california is one of my all time favourite songs. Played it lots to my boy whilst he was in my tummy, and now it calms him when i play it. And also, pink floyd, awesome amazingness! Saw roger waters and he was very very good(bit big headed but he is a rock god i suppose he's allowed to be) Next best thing is Australian pink floyd tribute band, better than any other! They are spot on and have some of the old pink floyd lighting sets. Lovely read, gunna read your other posts now lol :)

  2. Aww thank u hun, that was really sweet, and yes I actually wanna see the Australian pink Floyd they are playing locally in march to me, so thnks for making my decision about seeing them final! I purposely didnt look at astons lists until after I done minẹ as I knew I would have the same problem! Thank u for ur comment, ill add you too xxx