Monday, 15 August 2011

Listography - My Guilty Pleasures

Yay, an awesome choice for this weeks listography although after you have seen my choice I may have to hide until next weeks theme!!  Thanks Kate!!

1:  Bryan Adams:  Not ashamed at all to admit I love this man!! His music and his looks and I am very excited about seeing him for the first time at the o2 in December.  His collection of music that I own doesnt sit very friendly amongst my other "cool" cds but I dont care - he rocks!!

2:  Collecting Notebooks:  I have a slight obsession with buying uusual notebooks, (more of which I will dwell on my blog this week!) and my collection is getting out of hand!!  I love vintage, retro, modern, moleskin or anything I have never come across before and my favourite shop to divulge this habit in is Artbox.  I love notebooks that are blank, lined or have inspiration inside like lists, doodles etc, I could be here all day!!

3: Going on SingStar on the playstation when im home alone! - Big fat guilty pleasure of mine, singing to my hearts content with no one around to moan about how I sound like a dying cat!!  Singstar is a favourite of mine at parties with my friends but I also like to see if I can complete the challenges seriously without anyone commenting!!  Oh dear, I cant believe I just admitted to that!!

4:  Watching re-runs of Doctor Who - now this may not be classed as a guilty pleasure because its deemed cool to like this series now, its amazingly written, I love the plots and the storylines get me every time.  But I mainly watch re-runs because of one particular man: David Tennant!!  Yes, we all know he is hot, but is it really healthy to have his calendar in my living room (above where my darling fiance sits!), a signed autograph on my bedside table by the man himself, and watch all the other shows this man stars in?!  Its borderline stalking now!!  And does it count that I have just spent ten minutes looking through all his google images to find the perfect one?!!

5:  Colouring!! - I know I am not alone on this one but I love to do colouring!!  At the grand old age of 28, there is nothing better than getting a colouring book with felt tip pens and practice not going over the lines! I wont even bother using my son as an excuse for this one because we all know that when he goes to bed at night, out come my own personal supply of colouring materials, patterns and books without even touching my five year olds box of crayons!!  Its therapeutic, completely relaxing and very rewarding once the picture is complete!!

Hope you enjoyed my list this week, Im now off to colour in my notebooks whilst listening to Bryan Adams, watching Doctor Who and may even warn the neighbours to put their ear plugs in to drown out my beautiful rendition of  "The Final Countdown!"



  1. Love your list. I am so with you on the notebooks. I have loads - with maybe one page filled in. Love the photo of your collection. Love colouring in too. Maybe they go together.
    I went to see Hamlet with David Tennant in. He was very good. I was worried I would think of him as The Dr all the way through but only for the first 5 mins. I took my sister in laws who are complete Tennant fans - don't think they realised how long the play would be but he did brush against one of them as she had an aisle seat!

  2. Aww thanks hun, glad u agree with me so now i dont feel so bad!! xxx

  3. I think I am the only person on the planet that doesn't do Dr Who! The notebooks look lovely, far too pretty to use I bet x