Monday, 22 August 2011

Ah, the Joys of Driving!!

Following up to a post about  failing my driving test, I thought I would continue with how I did eventually pass!!

So, after failing first time, I was gutted but booked it again for the 12th September, which was the earliest I could get.  However, my wonderful driving instructor was able to find me a cancellation and so two days after I found out about this I began my second driving test!!  And boy, I was more nervous this time than I was first time!!  It was a Saturday, so I knew the roads would be busy but the examiner took me around the back roads so that we did not get stuck in traffic.  I thought I was driving pretty well, despite the nerves, until I went to turn into a junction as a car was coming out and almost his the bonnet!! I really thought that this would fail me!  Ugh!  I kept forgetting where I was meant to go for the independant drive but I successfully managed a straight reverse round a bend which I was chuffed with!!
  Getting back to the test centre, I concentrated so hard so that I did not make any mistakes, (which is what I failed on the first time!) and saw my instructor waitng there for me, looking a bit worried!
  I actually did not have a clue what the examiner was going to say but eventually he told me, I HAD PASSED!  And with only three minors!!  I cant tell you how relieved I was, not because I had passed but because I would never have to take another driving test again!! Its probably the worst nerves I have ever had for anything!

My son, off his own back, saw that people had sent me cards and decided to write his own!! "Dear mummy, I am so happy you passed your test xxxxxx"
How adorable!

And so, reluctantly, my fiance handed me his key to his car and my life of driving had begun!  My first drive was to the local town centre, with a little detour about ten minutes away and I successfully parked in a bay!  My next challenge was to drive home from work, finished at half ten and realised I had never driven in the dark before! I had to figure out a whole new routine such as lights and de-misting the windscreen!!  And then turning into my car park where I live was the biggest disaster as I turned left in third gear, stalled, stalled again and then stalled again!! I could not work out why until I realised I was still in third gear! Ugh, what a wally, but I hope to have plenty more practice between now and when my son starts school which is mainly why I wanted to drive as we have to get two buses from where we live!
  Thank you to my marvellous man, Dean, for trusting me with his car, which he has only been driving for a year! I promise not to "bin" it, to look after it as much as I can, and to keep it the way you left it. Except for the pink de-mister, the Smurfette hanging off the indicator, my choice of cds to play, and the feminine touches I leave behind!!

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