Wednesday, 28 September 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 22 / 365

22 / 365 - Well, I had the fright of my life yesterday when I was doing 50mph on an A road, when the tyre on my car decided to have a massive puncture in it and packed up!  Seeing as I have only been driving 6 weeks, I was not prepared for such a travesty!  When I rang for help, no one answered, (because they were all at work!), I had to ring the school as I was about to pick my son up, and even had a police car escort me to a safe place as I was sat at a main set of traffic lights!  Within 45 minutes the breakdown recovery arrived and changed the tyre and I was OK in the end!  Poor car, I've ruined it and its only my second month of driving it!!

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