Thursday, 8 September 2011

The *C* word

I hate that word beginning with C, its not necessary to use, it makes my skin crawl and its so over used, especially at this time of the year!
  No, Im not talking about that C word, Im talking about Christmas!! 

I may be perceived as a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to these festivities, but I do like some things about this event.  Its just I dont see the point of talking about it now, its September, I'm just about recovering from my summer holidays and the last thing I want to think about is how cold it is about to get, how dark it is about to get and how over rated christmas really is these days!
  Now, Im Jewish, but that doesnt mean to say I dont put a christmas tree up in my house, and I do buy presents, have turkey, and watch Doctor Who!  But, the meaning of christmas is just not in our society any more.  Not for the majority of people that I know anyway.  For me, it is a perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and now I have my son, I only make the effort for him.  It is a magical time and I do look back at my childhood when we celebrated xmas with great fondness and nostalgia, which I would love to regain for my little boy.
  These are the things I hate most about the *C* word:

  • People are planning, buying and taling about it now, in September
  • It doesnt help that commercially retailers feel the need to put their xmas products and cards out now when some of us have just stepped off a plane!
  • its all about presents rather than the magic and meaning of what its all about, children expect presents whether they have been good or bad for the simple fact that its all so commercial!
  • people wasting their money on gifts they would never normally buy, and that it brings our the greedy side of us
  • talking about xmas in autumn means that winter is approaching and all I can see ahead of me is darkness, not even pretty xmas lights can snap me out of this!
  • deciding whose house we will go to for xmas dinner, I would rather go on holiday somewhere
But, before you think my grumpiness is just in the minority of people, (which it probably is!), here are my reasons for looking forward to xmas:

  • It comes and goes and by that time it will be spring!
  • Seeing the joy on my little boys face when he sees Santa has been
  • the cosiness, warmth and laziness of being indoors all wrapped up, watching xmas tv
  • celebrating and partying with family and friends
  • wrapping presents!
So, Im not against xmas entirely, Im just against talking about it 4 months before hand, when really it is only one day, we just make it last for half a year!  I know I will have a good xmas yet again, but ideally, I would like to escape from it all, it turns me into a mean, bitchy girl when I do my xmas shopping a week beforehand!

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