Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gallery - Shoes

Well, I neary fell off my seat and whooped with joy when I saw the theme for this weeks gallery over at Sticky Fingers!  Shoes!!  I dont have a massive collection of shoes but the ones I do have are to die for and I have to save up every time I buy a new pair as they are so expensive and unique!!

So to start with, these are my *they hurt so much but they are too sparkly to not wear* shoes.  My wonderful fiance bought me these for my last birthday, (the only man I know that pays attention when Im looking at shoes!) and are from Schuh.  They are the most bling pair of shoes I own but holy cow, they absolutely kill me!!  Still, all in the name of fashion!

These are my *so pretty and so comfortable even if I look like a waddling duck when I walk in them* shoes!  I found these at a vintage fair for only £30! They are so comfy, it has taken me a year to find the right balance in them as many a time I have wobbled front ways and fallen on my face! 

Meet *heavy rock chick yet go with anything* shoe!  A friend of mine sold these to me as she bought the wrong size for herself, so i am now the proud owner.  I wore these the other night but after a while I cant feel my toes in them!  But, they are my back up shoes when the other two pairs dont go with my outfit!

So, they are my best three pairs of shoes I own, live and wobble around in.  I have a running theme, the fact that I cant walk in any of them, but they are too gorgeous, amazing and unique to not own!



  1. LOOOOOVE! I want your rock chick ones!!! Wanna share? hehe =p! xx

  2. Love the purple ones. Would not be able to wear them but love them all the same