Friday, 16 September 2011

Its Moving Time! / I Hate Change!!

After a very stressful week which involved me losing my job, I have now been informed that I have to begin bidding for a new property this week.  This takes up to six weeks with the council, and if I dont win  get a home at the end of the 6 weeks, I then receive a place automatically which I have to take!  Its all a bit stressful but I knew my contract was coming to an end this year so it was inevitable.  Its just it couldnt have a happened at a more crazy time!
  I hate change, you see.  Not change that I have created, like a new bed, or change of hair colour.  Change that is out of my control, meaning that I have to pick up the pieces and change my whole routine just because someone else says so!!
  Someone else this week said that I shouldn't return to work because its closed.
  Someone else this week said that I am not getting paid for last weeks work because my place of work went into liquidtion.
  Someone else this week said that I need to change my routine that I have worked hard to perfect over two years because it doesnt fit in with losing my job.
  Someone else this week called me to say I now have 6 weeks to bid for a new home, even though I dont want to move!!

Ugh, I always tell my son that there are things in life we dont want to do but we have to anyway.  So, I am trying to listen to my own preaching ways which gets me through each problem.  I know that everything will fall into place eventually, I just have to get over the hurdles first.

In the next few weeks leading up to me moving, I have to clean the flat, paint the flat, pack my belongings, panic and stress!!
  I have had the best times in the four years that I have lived here and I wiill never forget them!!


  1. I have been reading Jade's blog since from the start & though it was about time I posted a comment. I just wanted to say that i am so incredibly proud of Jade, I respect her so much for what she has achieved, to make a better life for herself & for our amazing little boy, she is truly determined in achieving every goal she sets out for in her life, despite what obstacles that try to get in the way, every experience that happens, whether it be great or whether it be tough, she comes through it stronger than before & I admire her for that so much. Jade's blog is entertaining, intelligent, funny & thought provoking, it really does tell the whole story of her crazy life. Jade is the most incredible person i've ever met. I truly can't believe how lucky I am, that I can share my life, with the love of my life.

    Dean xxxx

    Fiance of the crazy mummy who shares her wonders & scary thoughts with you all.

  2. Lol! Thanks, u trying to make me cry?! And for my other readers, I did not ask my fiance to write this! That is all! Xxx