Sunday, 11 September 2011

Listography - Games I Used To Play

A lovely trip down memory lane this week from Kate take 5, where I get to pick the five games I used to play when I was a kid.  Although I have two younger brothers, it was always me and my middle brother that hung out and played more, before my younger brother came along and I have many fond memories aside from trying to get him to play with my barbie dolls!!  So here are my top 5 games we used to play:

1: Kerplunk! - Ooh, my favourite game, where you had to stop the marbles from falling to the bottom by choosing the right stick!  A very intense game, which these days would make me very nervous!

2: Mouse Trap! - what I remember about this game was you had to chase something around the board before everything fell apart!!  Im a bit vague on this one but I enjoyed it when everything connected and ended with the mouse being caught in the cage at the end!  It took ages to set up though which kind of took the fun out of it!

3: Spirograph - the creative side ventured out of me as a kid, especially with spirograph,and was fascinated by all the different patterns you could make!

4: Micro Machines - seeing as I made my brother play with my Barbie dolls, it was only fair I played with his boy toys!  Micro machines were a big thing in the eighties and all I remember doiing with them was lining them up on a car mat and putting them in colour order! Now when my son plays with cars, I get so bored!

5: Tetris/Gameboy!- when the Gameboy first came out, I was glued to it!  My mum couldnt get a word out of me and me and my brother fought over whose turn it was to match all the shapes!  It was very addictive, and even when I hear the Tetris theme song it takes me back to the early nineties!

Thanks Kate for an interesting listography this week!!


  1. Ah I see you went the 'actual' games route - I think you managed to get all the classics in there..Mousetrap was my absolute favourite!

  2. um, that was my mistake, i realised after that it was outdoorsy games that we made up - oops!! xx