Sunday, 18 September 2011

Listography - Things that Make My House a Home

This week,the listography is being hosted by Kates friend, MotherPorridge and another exciting theme that I can get my blogging mind into.  I love my home, and ironically, Ill be moving in the next few months.  But, in the last four years, I have built it up to become the home that represents me, with its quirky and defining ways.  So here are my top 5 things that make my house a home:

1 -  My kooky toaster! - When I moved in, a was a bit of a collector of froggy items, and this was one of my favourite purchases, from a shop called Octopus. It still sits in my kitchen and it still works!

2: All things bright and pink! - although my obsession with pink was over the top when I first moved in, thats not the case any more. This is the remaining pink item I have left in my home and I have been known for concealing the entrance to my kitchen with different quirky curtains, mostly which people have caught themselves on,or been strangled by!

3: My Cd collection - with over 300 albums, I will never stop buying the compact disc! I have dragged most of these albums with me from home to home, and yet Ill be doing it again!  They are my most prized possesion, and if I had time, they would be the first objects I would rescue in a fire!

4: My Memorable Themed Parties! - these are part of my home, as wherever I look is a reminder of the fun I have had here with my friends, from the coke stains on the ceiling (dont ask!), to the photos of the good times.  I havent held a party here in over a year so Im due one more but Ive just had my carpets cleaned!

5: My Sons bedroom - well, this is what it looked like when I first moved in!  All his toys dumped in boxes and a make shift table for his remaining teddies! Four years later, he has aquired a bookshelf, toy boxes, posters and double the amount of toys!!

So, thats what sums up my home at the moment but it will definetely change in the next year.  To read others listographys on this theme, please visit Mother Porridge.


  1. Love your toaster hun! Totally rocks Haha xxx

  2. I LOVE that toaster. Intrigued about the cake stain on the ceiling too!

  3. I like the idea of themed parties! And pink is always good in my book.