Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Goodbye Message.....

Today, I found out that the company I worked for Outback Steakhouse, went into liquidation.  I had only been working there one and a half years but for ten years I knew at least someone who worked there!  I have many happy times as well as bad, but I am really gutted that I don't have a job to go to.

After being in retail for ten years, working my way up to management, I took the job of my dreams (in retail anyway!) which was at Virgin Megastore.  Here, I met my fiance, and my best friends, and had the time of my life, being so passionate about music.  This company changed their name to Zavvi and then also went into liquidation!  Im jinxed!

I was then on income support, (due to a family crisis) for about two years and I really dont want to go back to that.  My job at Outback helped me chase my dreams.  So, ok, it was not my ideal job, but the money was great and it helped pay for things that I have always wanted. 
  Its not all about the money, my confidence shot back up, having been previously knocked out of me, and my social life expanded.  I met some crazy people, and some bitchy people but it was all part of the job and for once I was older than most of the staff!!

So, I know I am gutted and feel like Ill never work again, but I have to see it as a positive thing.  The beginning of a new chapter and all that, and Im sure Ill find somewhere else that will take my crazy hours and hyper personality!

Outback - so long, and thanks for the memories.............

Me behind the bar on Halloween

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  1. Life is full of new starts, we can't focus on closed chapters - that would be awful.