Saturday, 1 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 Worst Jobs I Have Done

This weeks listography, hosted by KateTakes5 is an interesting one as I feel like I have been lucky in life with my choice of jobs, thats not to say I havent had some right messy situations!
1:  Mcdonalds - My first proper job where I worked my way from the bottom to become shift manager, along the way clearing up left over Big Macs, squashed chips on the floor and of course, the monotonous cleaning of the toilets!  I was there for 4 years and although there is still a stigma these days of working for a fast food chain, it opened up great opportunities for me and have been lucky enough to stick with managerial positions ever since!

2:  Bakery/ Delicatessen - My first Saturday job was working at a Kosher bakery in Southend, and it involved serving coleslaw, bread and taramusalata to the elderly first thing in the morning!  I hated it, and what made it worse, was the place got shut down because of certain creepy crawlies discovered out in the back where I used to collect the bread! UGH!!!


3:  Hairdressers - I took my work experience at my local hairdressers as I aspired to be one but this soon changed after two weeks of working for free here!  The women were snotty, rude and treated me as a tea runner so I didnt learn anything about hair!  I did wash hair but after the fifth granny hair wash, I soon realised that a hairdresser is NOT what I wanted to become!!

4:  Nursery Assistant - My current job, which I thouroughly enjoy but it has its down sides like every job and as the old saying goes , Never work with children!  One child last week decided to projectile vomit all down my skirt and legs when I wasnt looking, and I didnt even bring a change of clothes!  I had to clasp my skirt together whilst stumbling to the office to get a clean skirt, without myself vomiting because of the smell!!  Ah the joys!

5: Waitressing - My current evening job is being a waitress which I do enjoy, except for when you make those all embarrassing, cock ups in front of the whole restaurant!  I remember at my old restaurant, carrying a tray of two glasses of red wine, with two Pepsi's on, and as I went to take one off the tray and give it to my table, the whole tray went flying over them!  Smashed glasses, spilt red wine and shock horror of faces, my mind wanted to cry but my face just laughed!  Needless to say, the customers were not impressed and I had to give them a round for free, as well as continue serving them for the rest of their time there!

Dont give up the day job!


  1. I don't think I'd be a good waitress. I'm so clumsy and I always forget what anyone asks for if I have to make them anything at home.

  2. I think everyone must have had a go at waitressing at one time or another!

  3. Oh I did that whilst working in a bar once - drinks all over a couple. Mortified. Very impressed that you're holding down 2 jobs and your 'mummy' job too!

  4. Oh gawd... waitressing sucks! I hated it too. Haha funny post though :)