Monday, 10 October 2011

My Love for Paperchase!!

And so the notebook obsession continues and what better place to spend money that I dont have than in my favourite ever shop, Paperchase!
  Yesterday, me and the girlies travelled to London on a notebook hunt, and after much squealing, oohing and aahing at Spitalfields market, we took a long walk to Tottenham Court Road where we visited the three storey stationary shop. 
  I have visited many a Paperchase all over the country, from Glasgow to Chelmsford, but I have never been to one that has more than one floor!  It even has a coffee shop, which is one of my favourtie places to sit and read a book!
  I was scared to venture in as I knew I would throw a tantrum over certain items I wanted to buy but couldnt afford!  I set myself a budget but this goes out the window usually!

How can anyone resist the pretty notebooks?!!  I spent a length of time exploring the ground floor for unique notebooks and I was not disappointed!  I had to put back one or two items because I had reached my budget already!


A Paperchase with more floors!  I was in awe as I ventured up the first flight of stairs!  I did not know what to take in first, the layout or the products!

Being the Scrooge that I am, I was not impressed by seeing the Christmas decorations so early in October, but then it is retail after all!  However, they were such beautiful decorations, I couldnt resist having a sneek peak at what they had to offer!


The most beautiful, elaborate paper you have ever seen!  Ideal for using in scrapbooks, instead of actual scrapbook paper, which can be expensive.

Venturing to the third floor, it was extremely colourful, parading paints, arty items, even more patterny paper and rainbow brights!

I really didnt want to leave but my goodies were wearing me down and I was tired from trying to take everything in!  Thank you Paperchase for making my day!

No, these aren't popadoms, its a stack of paper!

My purchases xxx

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