Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays - If I Were Prime Minister...

This weeks Top 10 idea came from when I was watching This Morning and Holly Willoughby asked Phillip Schofield what would he do if he was prime minister.  It makes for an interesting topic as Im sure we all think we can do a better job than the current ways the country is being run!  So, if I were voted as Prime Minister tomorrow, here is what I would do:

1:  Bring back the death penalty - starting with a bit of a harsh one with mixed feelings, but in this day and age, there are far worse crimes happening than when the "Hangman" was around!  This would apply to crimes committed on children, murderers, and for all the crimes we hear about that deserve more than just a silly sentence, where families have been traumatized without any justice.

2:  Four day weekends!  - Because we all deserve it, plus maybe the economy will get better because we will all be out shopping and putting it back into the system!

3:  Bring back Woolworths! - I would make Woolworths, Virgin Megastores and all the other big companies that went into administration in the recent economic depression.  I miss going to Woolies for all my party ideas, pic 'n' mix, and chart cds!

4:  Print more money! - Daft I know, but when ever I hear on the news about the recession, I always turn round to my fiance and ask him, "Why don't they just print more money?!"  If the bank has printed out the notes we are currently using, why can't they print out enough to cover the debts we owe then problem resolved!

5:  Get rid of congestion charge, and bendy buses! - To me, I dont see where the money for the congestion charge is going!  What was the point of it?!  People are still driving into London anyway, whether they have to pay it or not, because its still cheaper than the ridiculous transport fees.  Plus, what is the point of a bendy bus?  Whats wrong with a good old fashioned double decker bus, that takes up less room on the road and is much more traditional?!

6:  Make having no manners a crime - it winds me up that I was brought up to have manners, yet in this day and age no one uses them!  I love being polite to people so that it makes them feel good, but when I dont receive the same back, it makes my blood boil!  How hard can it be to open a door for someone and get a thank you in return?  Or say excuse me, if your in a rush to be somewhere, yet I get pushed to one side like Im an animal?  I would fine any rude person that approached me, on the spot so that we can bring manners back into society.

7:  Higher penalties for drug users and illegal substances - I feel that the government do not do enough to help the addictions that people suffer from.  To start with, higher penalties should be brought in for people that use any from of drug including cannabis.  Just bcause a drug is classed as A or B, it is still a drug no matter what the effects it has.  If all drugs had the same penalty from the start, then we could start working with tackling this problem.

8:  Have men who commit domestic violence be taken away immediately:  what I mean by this is that when I was a victim of domestic violence, me and my son were made to go to a womens refuge, away from family, friends and our home.  I felt like I was being punished even more, even though I knew it was for our safety.  However, I think it should be the person commiting the violence that should be removed from the victim, put into some sort of help centre, locked away, until they receive help, treatment and punishment.

9:  Compulsory trips to the library and parks:  whether in school or at home, I think my son has benefitted a lot from going to the park on a regular basis and he library.  I was shocked to hear at a school I use to work at, the most of the children did not belong to a library, nor their parents.  It is a perfect place to take children on a wet rainy day and let them chose as many books as they want!  My son loves books, and reading and I am so pleased that he has his own library card and has a passion for stories.

10:  Less men in parliament, more women! - This country is dominated by men and I would definetely employ more women, especially mothers, who have more experience about our country seeing as we are the ones that do most of the shopping, organising and chores all day every day!  Think how different the country would be, and how funnier Question Time would be without all the silly noises from grunting men!!

I had fun pretendig to be PM for this post, please join miss mommy for more creative top tens! xxx

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