Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays - If I Won the Lottery!

Linking up with Miss Mommy today, my top ten choice is what ten things would I do if I won the lottery?  Seeing as it has been in the news recently about the couple who won £101 million and went public with it, it has been many a debate with friends and family about what would we do if it was us, would we go public or keep it a secret?  And what would we spend all that money on?  Here are my ideas and dreams if I was fortunate enough to have that amount of money in my bank balance:

1:  Savings -Because of course, the main thing and most important thing is to put it all into a savings account and live off of the interest!  My son would be set for life.

2:  Family and Friends - after looking after myself, son and fiance first, my family and friends would be next to look after.  My Mum and Dad would never have to work again and I would give them a substantial amount for them to travel, see the world and buy properties, (and sports cars in my Mums case!).  I would give a million pound each to five of my closest friends who I know deserve it and who would put the money to good use, sorting their lives out and making their dreams come true.

3:  Donate to charity - £101 million is far too much for any person, and I would definetely want to donate a vast amount where it will be benefitted more.  Refuge and Great Ormond Street are two charities close to my heart that I would think of first, and I would definetely want to be involved with their work, not just giving the money but researching and working for them.

4:  Buy a home - Me, and my son currently live together in a flat, and will be moving in the next couple of weeks, to yet another flat, so a dream of mine would be to live in a house with my son and fiance, with a garden.

5: Buy my fiance a new car - now Im not the biggest car fan, Im not too bothered about what I drive as long as it gets me from A to B safely, but my fiance, being a big Top Gear fan, would suit a new sports car!

6:  Big spending spree - I would be straight at Camden and Brighton buying everything saw!  Because normally what happens when I go to these places is spend that same amount of money, but in my head! 

7: Travel -  I have been fortunate enough to have been to Ibiza and Iceland on my travels, but I have dreams of going to DisneyWorld, South America, Japan, and Africa.

8:  Set up my own business - my ideal jobs would involve me running my own company, Party Entertainment, Wedding Planner or my own book shop, I would be in my glory running and setting up anyone of these!

9:  Have te wedding of my dreams - although we are planning and saving for our wedding in 2 years, I doubt we can afford everthing I have in mind, so this would be amazing!

10:  Live a happy life - I am happy with my life at the moment, I have everything I need and desire, but it would be nice not to have to work out every penny I spend at every minute, checking my bank balance every night, and exhausting myself out every week juggling two jobs and being a mummy!

Ah, it was nice to dream for 20 minutes, but back to reality now, off I go to my second shift of the day, right after I kiss my son goodnight, and shove this dinner down my throat!

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