Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday Ten - Celebrities I Have Met

This is my first post for Tuesday Ten and ironically, I was going to do my own Top Ten lists every Tuesday, just because I love a good list!  But then I stumbled upon ths meme so I can kill two birds with one stone!   For my regular readers, you will know I met my all time hero, Mr David Tennant, on Sunday, so this sparked the idea for me to compile my top ten celebrities that I have met.
  Now Im no stalker, Im nothing special and I definetely don't want to be or have any association with the celebrity world.  I have just been lucky enough to have brushed passed/shook hands with/ followed obsessively,   stumbled upon people that are more well known than others!
  So, not counting the 10th Doctor as I have blubbered on about him a bit too much on this blog, here are my not so very interesting personalities I have come across on my journeys:

1:  Geri Halliwell - I met her at a book signing for her Ugenia Lavendar tour, and thank goodness she was just as lovely in the flesh.  She had time to talk to me for about three minutes, whilst signing all 6 books of hers that I purchased!

2:  Friendly Fires - the very friendly, Friendly Fires were doing an NME signing on our recent trip to the Reading Festival, and had time to chat to us for ages!  They signed my album and apparently, as my fiance tells me, the drummer fancied me!  Here is me with the lead singer, Ed, who very cheekily allowed me to have a photo with him even though I wasnt allowed!

3:  David Walliams - I am a fan of his books, so when the opportunity arose to get him to sign my copy, I jumped at the chance.  My son was alseep in his buggy at the time, so David commented on that, was extremely friendly and even let me pose with him!

4:  Katie Price - Now, Im not so much of a fan now, but back when she was with Peter Andre, I really enjoyed her programmes, the women fascinated me!  I queued up for three hours (!) to meet her, with my litte boy in tow who was actually very patient and good that whole time!  When I finally got to meet her, I remember thinking how tiny she was in the flesh.  She said a quick "hi" to my son, signed my book and moved me along!  I have to say though, there were about 500 fans waiting for her, and I was one of the last, yet she stayed to sign every single one, like a trooper.

5:  Shirly Henderson - I met her on Sunday at the Entertainment Media Show, (where I met David Tennant!) and she was so lovely!  Star of the Harry Potter movies, (as Moaning Myrtle) Bridget Jones Diary and Doctor Who, I managed to get a free cheeky photo, seeing as she was charging for signings!  I think she is a wonderful and eccentric actress and so pleased I met her!

6:  Jarvis Cocker - Now this is cheating a little, as technically I havent actually "met" him, but on a number of occasions I have seen him!  First time was at Brixton Academy in 2001 when he came into the audience at his gig and I touched him!  Then this year, I was at London Bridge station and the man walked past me!  Like a hysterical child, I was calling out to him, "Jarvis!" "Jarvis!" which he then, and very wisely, legged it up the escalator with his son, and chose to ignore me!  I was lucky enough to see him with his band Pulp at their last ever gig in September and he will always be my leading front man.

7:  WWE Superstars - I have met many a wrestler in my time!  Being a huge fan a few years back I have met Matt Hardy and Rob Van Dam at an exhibition who very kindly signed some goodies for me.  And at a visit to a Planet Hollywood, I had my photo taken with Kane, who was about 7ft tall and very scary!  I have unfortuately lost this picture, but the memories remain!

8:  Clive Barker - famous author and write of Hellraiser, I was lucky enough to meet him at another exhibition earlier this year.  I am a fan of his Abarat books, and had planned to ask him when his next edition would be out, but I was so excited, I forgot to ask!  He signed this picture of himself and shook my hand!

9:  Eve Myles - Gwen from Torchwood as she is better known, another of the stars I met on Sunday.  She came bouncing out of some doorway, and I spontaneously shouted out, "Eve!" Poor woman!  But, none the less, she turned round and said "Hello, how are you?!"  I was so taken aback I just smiled at her as I did not think she would stop for little old me!  I honestly thought she mistook me for someone she knew because she was so overly friendly!  And from then,  I saw her three of four times after this, bouncing around the exhibition and being an amazing sport to all her fans.

10:  Andy from Cbeebies! - Um, not the best claim to fame, but he came into the restaurant I worked at, and after about half an hour of me wondering if it was him, (I was the only mum working there at the time so I could not really ask anyone else!) I went up to his table and asked if he was the presenter on Cbeebies!  It was indeed him, and he kindly signed a napkin for my son!  I then found out that he used to work at my work place as a chef!

So thats it!  I know it seems as if I have been to many exhibitions, stalking out actors and queueing for signings, but it sounds worse than what it is, when you put it altogether in one list!  Now, where did I put my pair of binoculars, anorak and notebook, I spy a stalker moment approaching......!


  1. What a mixed bunch! I am now racking my brains for celebrities I have met & all I can think of is Stephen Mangan (Green Wing) who was staying in the same hotel as me this summer and we acosted him in the bar. Oh & Fruitbat from Carter USM!

  2. Ha lol this made me laugh hun, reckon u can come up with eight more?! X

  3. Wow!! Lucky lady!!! SO cool to have met such interesting people!!