Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I love nothing more than a good notebook as regular followers of this blog will know!  So when I stumbled across this Sketchbook Project I just could not resist but to take part!

It involves me receiving a blank sketchbook, filling it in with my own arty skills then posting it back to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York!  Each book is barcoded with my own unique number and this is so I can track who has taken out my book and viewed it!  So exciting!

So, I received my blank sketchbook in the post with a little card alongside letting me know the rules and giving me some prompts!

And here is my unique barcode with my name on it!  I have never been so excited by a barcode before!

Ah, the excitement of a blank page!

So,I will keep you updated on my blog with this project and show you step by step how I am going to fill up all those blank pages!  Im now off to look for some inspiration and try not to procrastinate along the way!

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