Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Gallery - My Awesome Photo

Over at Sticky Fingers- The Gallery, this weeks theme is to choose a picture that, if we won, it would g on a canvas picture.  So, out comes my artistic photo albums and hours and hours of thumbing through all my photos of the last four years!  Boy, its hard to choose one great photo!!

Memories of Reading Festival

Or should I choose my wonderful son:

Or how about some spectacular views and landscapes taken by my fine hand:

But, this picture is my chosen one

I featured it in The Galler for the black and white theme so it is a favourite of mine and pretty much sums us up as a family, the closeness and the views with a hint of secrecy about it.  I wanted to include a picture that involved all three of us, so if I happened to win, we re all included


  1. lots of lovely photos but yes I agree the last one would make a truly wonderful canvas :) x

  2. They are all fab but the last one is a great choice as 'The one' It would look brilliant as a canvas!

  3. They are all amazing but the last one is just perfect.