Friday, 23 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top 10 Music Highlights

Today and for the next six days, I will be reviewing my year in all its glory!  We begin with my top ten highlights through music, this includes all the events I have been to, and this year has really been amazing for music, in my opinion.  Coldplay brought their new album out, Dave Grohl won God-Like Genius and dub-step became a music genre I never thought I would like!  Here are my top ten personal music moments that I have been proud of sharing, in order of likeness!

10 - Seeing Jimmy Eat World play their most popular album, Bleed American, in its entirety -and what made it even more special was that we attended this gig with our best friends and danced the night away!

9 - Being crushed in the Dance tent trying to watch Nero at Reading Festival! - an experience for sure, I was really looking forward to seeig this band but after trying to squeeze ourselves into an already packed tent, we heard 30 seconds of their set, before being crushed and trampled on by what felt like the whole world!  It took us about ten minutes to get out even though we were near the entrance and I saw mylife flash before my eyes! I still managed to laugh though!

8 - Brian May playing guitar at My Chemical Romances set at Reading - to witness this was brilliant, MCR were playing a good set, only to bring out the man himself to We Will Rock You!

7 - Going to Glasgow to see Hurts - we were desperate to see this band but had missed out on tickets for the London gigs, so in February this year, we decided to jet off to sunny...Glasgow where Hurts were playing!  Me and Dean made a weekend of it and had a really good time and I was desperate to see this band again as they were amazing!

6 - Muse playing their album, Origin of Symmetry in its entirety at Reading - seeing Muse for the 6th time, and it was their 10th anniversary of their second album.  For me, I reminisced about a time where I was growing up, working and expeiencing going to gigs or the first time so t here the album in its entirety plus some of teir greatest hits was a dream come true!

5 - Pulps last ever gig - what better venue than Brixton academy to witness mine and Dean's favourite band perform a set that was so different to anything I had previously seen, and to regainmy love for the legend that is Jarvis Cocker!  There was light shows, gyrating on speakers, sex noises and three encores all before Jarvis announced that Pulp will not be around for a very long time...

4 - Longview making a comeback - this band only ever released one album six years ago but its one tha has remained one of my faves, and since then the band went very quiet.  Until Septembr, when we went to a very small gig of theirs, and speaking to lead singer, Rob, he confirmed that Longview were back with new songs, and boy did they sound good!  To show our support, we attended another gig of theirs in December, and had an even longer chat with Rob who is an amazing guy and genuinely had time for us!

3 - Attending our first ever festival - instead of going on holiday this year, me and Dean thougt we would break ou fesival virginity together so booked two days for Reading festival, plus a hotel!  You can read all about what went on here.

2 - Meeting Friendly Fires - again, at Reading Festival, we paid a visit to the NME signing tent, with a copy of their album in hand.  The guys lived up to their name, being extremely friendly, and we had a great chat with them! they signed my album and we told them we were seeing them in November, wich was also a gig highlight!

1 - Kylie Minogue duetting with Hurts - This is the best highlight for me because it came as such a shock!  Seeing Hurts for the second time, we knew what a treat we were in for except when Kylie walked out on stage, I just burst into tears like a silly little girl!  she stayed for two songs and I fulfilled yet another musical dream!

2011 has been the best year for fulfilling some of my musical dreams and with three gigs booked so far for 2012, the dreams keep coming!

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