Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Photos of the Year

For todays top ten highlights of the year, I am showcasing my favourite photos.  I will try very hard not to use the same ones I have used on this bLog, so this is a challenge in its self!

10 - I love this photo, taken on a warm April day out at Maldon

9 - A sunset at Reading Festival, whilst Elbow were playing in the background!

8: Jacob bringing home Reggie the Bear from school

7 - A day out in Brighton for Kates 30th birthday

6 - Larking around for Jenni's birthday!

5 - Jacob and his star wars troopers!

4 - Jacob hiding in the trees at an enchanted forest

3 - Bonfire night in Colchester

2 - Jacob on a stool at Legoland

1 - AWWWWW!!!!

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