Saturday, 24 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Songs of 2011

Continuing my highlights of this year, today I am counting down my favourite songs of the year.  I have been doing this every year since 2001, rounding up the best songs and putting them on to cd for my own personal collection.  This year, I'll be doing the same, with the added bonus of sharing it with you!  So, sit back and enjoy my favourite songs that have created memories of 2011....

10:  Chapel Club - Surfacing

I was introduced to this album by some friends and it was right up my street, this song samples a familiar tune and reminds me of standing at bus stops on the school run in the cold early days of spring.

9:  Take That - What Do You Want From Me

The best song off of their new album, and probably the best they have ever done, Mark Owens vocals on here make me melt!

8:  Charlie Simpson - Riverbanks

Being a huge fan of Charlie Simpson's band, Fightstar, I was worried when he released this solo album, but it certainly did not disappoint and this is the most powerful track on the album.

7:  Pulp - This Is Hardcore (Live)

I know this song is many years old and has always been my favourite Pulp song to date, but it has been our soundtrack to the year, seeing as Pulp made a huge festival comeback.  This performance at Reading is truly amazing and the live version is better than the recorded one!

6:  Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten

Not being a huge Kasabian fan at all, this song has truly made the list this year because its really good!  Will be the first and last time I say that this band are good, so make the most of this song!

5: Nero - Guilt

I never thought I would hve a dub-step tune in my favourite lists, but this year has really changed my outlook of this genre, and Nero have helped this.  With a mixture of trance and heavy bass, I am a huge fan!

4:  Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Seeing them live at Reading, meeting the band and then seeing them live at Brixton, Friendly Fires are truly a band who put on a show like no other, and if you get a chance, please check out lead singer, Ed's dancing!

3:  Foo Fighters - Walk

My favourite Foos album so far, they can do no wrong and even my son has got into this song, its one to turn up loud in he car, and rock out to!

2: Example - Changed the Way You Kissed Me

I know this song is probably the soundtrack to everyones year, being played constantly on he radio, tv and internet but for a song not to annoy me, or for me not to get bored of, is a truly special one and I heart this song very much!

1:  Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

A bit predictable for those that know me well, but this song for me, is a magnificent tune, well written and gets me every time I hear it!  It makes me want to jump up and down, bounce off the walls, and dance until the sudden drum beat at the end.  The video sums up everything I am passionate about, art, uniqueness and colour and when I witnessed Coldplay performing this live at Glastonbury on tv, it really won me over.

"I turn the music up, I put my records on, I shut the world outside until the lights come on!"


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