Sunday, 4 December 2011

Listography - Top 5 Xmas Tunes!!

Kate this week has handed over her listography to These Precious Things who has chosen the festive theme.  Being the scrooge that I am, I was not going to join in this week, but then began making a list in my head anyway so thought I would share it!  I must stress that I hate christmas songs - mostly because they do not get played at christmas any more but about two months beforehand so that by the time christmas comes, I hate it!  So, the point of my list is to highlight the fact that there once was a time when I loved christmas and these songs remind me of the magical christmas' I had as a child:

1:  East 17 - Stay Another Day

Being a huge fan of the band at the time, this one song always reminds me of being a teenager, and the warmth and fluffiness of xmas

2:  Queen - Thank God Its Xmas

Love anything Queen related, and this song reminds me of shopping!(Probably because it gets played all the time in December!)

3:  The Darkness -Dont Let the Bells End

Got to have a bit of humour through all the madness and this song always cheers me up!

4:  Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & wine

Oh dear,  I cannot believe I am putting Cliff on my list but this song reminds me of family xmas' as a child, the excitement of seeing all those presents and eating chocolates, the nostalgia from this song alone makes me long for it all again!

5:  John Lennon - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Ahh, love this one, I definetely feel all xmassy when I hear this!

I just have to add that my favourtie xmas song of them all is Fairytale of New York but I didnt include it because Im sure everyone else did!  Plus, Coldplays song, Christmas Lights from last year is in there but thats because Im a Coldplay fan, not because it reminds me of xmas!

Bah Humbug!


  1. The John Lennon song is a classic for me x Glad you joined in and hope it helps you get into the spirit x

  2. Good choices, I love Queen, and although Mistletoe and wine didnt make my list I did mention it as it signifies Christmas to me!

  3. As much as I cannot stand Sir Cliff I have to agree that Mistletoe and Wine is a good Christmas song and I cannot help but sing along to it! Good choices

  4. thanks, i feel better about not being alone with the cliff richard one! xx

  5. How can you put the Darkness beside Cliff Richard?? My two most detested Christmas songs *clicks 'buy now' on Justin Beiber* ;)