Monday, 12 December 2011

MIx Tape Monday - A Song That Means Something Special

I really enjoy this meme, hosted by Boo and Me and todays theme took some thought on my part!  And then I realised I did not have to think that hard because this particular song plays the biggest part in my:

Queen - The Show Must Go On
So here are the reasons why this song means something special to me:

  • Its my favourite Queen song
  • The title is tattooed on my arm
  •  A different version of the song appears in my all time favourite movie, Moulin Rouge
  • I always attempt to sing it at karaoke, badly!
And most of all, its a song that reminds me to carry on in life, regardless of what is thrown at me.



  1. Great Song,I love Queen. Your Tattoo sounds fab!

  2. May I ask why you have it tattooed?

  3. think it's such a passionate song, great choice

  4. Great reasons to like this song!

  5. thank u all, pinkoddy - i have it tattooed to always remind to keep going no matter what, i have it tattooed with a skull wearing a top hat and feathers as i lovte burlesque style! xx