Monday, 5 December 2011

MIx Tape Mondays - The First Song I Bought

I have been meaning to join in with this meme for ages!  The lovely blog Boo and Me host this every monday with a different topic and its right up my street being the huge music lover that I am! 

Now do I hold my head in shame or shout with pride at my choice of song this week?

The First song I bought -

Oh dear, playing this back is quite embarrassing!  It was the first CD I bought, even though I used to buy the rest of my singles on tape!  But, I still remember walking into Our Price in my local shopping centre and being majorly excited about purchasing this along with a free poster!  I still have it, its in excellent condition but is hidden amongst my other shameful CDs!

Its safe to say my music taste has majorly improved, although it sometimes catches up with me as I have tickets for Steps and still keep all my girl and boy band albums on show with great pride!

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