Saturday, 3 December 2011

My Blogging Ways

Well, since moving four weeks ago, my blogging has been a bit lazy really!  I have done well keeping up to date as best I can with my 365 Day Photo Challenge, and began the Advent Calendar, but have been lacking in actual posts!  I even had to remind myself of the Day Zero Project list I made to see if I can add anything to it!

Winter should be the perfect time for me to blog as I am home most of the time so no excuses.  But I am currently trying to hold down two jobs, be a mum, fiance and have time to myself so those are my excuses!  But this is the first year I have blogged through winter and I have to say I am thouroughly enjoying it. The challenge of what to write about, coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh and entertaining, and reading other peoples blogs are all part of the thrill and I may have to admit that I am slowly becomig obsessed!
  But its so much fun!  Before blogging, I would have a little creative voice inside my head bursting with ideas but no where to put them.  Now I can spread that voice all over my personal pages to share with who ever may chose to read it! 
  And it definetely helps that I have amazing followers who check in when ever they have the time to see what I have to say, who comment on my posts, and who spread the word when they really dont have to, (but they do really!).  My followers keep me motivated, inspire me to write and without them I defientely would not have continued this blog!
  Who knew that a world of blogging would open up in my life and play a big role?!
So six months down the line, 36 followers later, 164 blog posts, 101 challenges and upto 81 photos so far, where on earth will this blog be in another six months?!  Extremely excited to find out, and with even more ideas in the pipeline, I had better not let my daily routine make my blogging slack again!

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