Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday Top Tens - All I Want For Chanukah Is....

Joining in with Miss Mommys meme, I thought I would do my christmas/chanukah list!
Now I have not actually asked for anything this year for a number of reasons but the main one being that we have just moved home and alot of expense has gone into that so Im skint!  I have bought everything I need for the home (plus a few cheeky bits for myself!) so felt like christmas this year should just be about my son.  My family are away on holiday for the festivities so there is no one else to buy for except for my fiance too.  BUT....I know two people have me as their secret santas at both jobs that I work at, so as a little hint and should anyone wonder what to get me (hehe!), these are the top things I want for christmas/chanukah!

1:  Everything on my Amazon wishlist - cheating a bit, but seeing as this list is escalating and getting a bit out of control, I have asked for Amazon vouchers to clear my wishes a bit!  Items included are craft books, best of albums and burlesque DVDs!

2: Etsy items - my new found love for Etsy has escalated recently but if I could wish for one thing from here it would be this - http://img3.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.275408803.jpg to continue my Moulin Rouge themed bedroom!

3: Paramore's back catalogue! - this is one band that I have no cds of, yet I really like them!  So I must start getting their older albums, and the same goes for Mcfly, (thanks to the band members appearing on many a reality show!) and Avenged Sevenfold!

4:  A new, beautiful diary - I buy diaries all year round, but when I saw this beautiful diary in Selfridges the other day, I had to have it! However, I have never paid £21.99 for a diary before and was not about to either, so I had to reluctantly put it down and walk away!

5: Customised converse trainers - when I saw these at a local comic con exhibition, my mind nearly exploded!  Canvas Warriors create and design any ideas you have to customise your own pair of trainers, including Moulin Rouge and Doctor Who! (Ok, so they are my preferences but feel free to think of your own!).

6: A pair of very pretty shoes - my favourite shoe shop in the world, Irregular Choice, have the most amazingly pretty shoes but these are my favourite at the moment, (although it tends to change every week!), lush!

7:  Sky Tv - even though we hope to be getting this after the festival period, it would be lovely to have over xmas!

8:  Clothes - anything from the Truffle Shuffle website!  These are the sort of t-shirts I love to wear!

9:  Book vouchers - so I can go on a massive spending spree at one of my favourite book stores and atock up on all those books on my wish list!

10:  And saving the best til last and something that I would like more than any of the materialisitc things above.... A BABY!!! - Except Santa wouldnt be giving me this unless Dean dresses up as him but thats not my thing at all!! And to have this from my secret santa is just plain weird! I digress....I know a baby is for life and not just for christmas but if I was pregnant in the next few months, that would be perfect timing and something I would be eternally grateful for.....

Merry Christms!

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  1. you've fiiinnally come round to liking my fave band? yay! :)