Thursday, 5 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 5

5th January
What was the last restaurant you went to?

It was Frankie & Bennys for my sons 6th birthday.  Dean ad I took him and a friend, ir was Jacob's chosen restaurant so we could blame him if we didn't like it!  I had three different starters for my main which is sometimes the better option!  We even got the waiters to sing Happy Birhday to Jacob with an ice cream to go with it!


  1. 3 starters is a good idea!! And I'm often struggling which starter to have, as many sound so delicious.

    I think I'll 'pinch' your idea next time I go out for dinner!!

  2. lol thanks, just sometimes when I cant decide what to have, i can just have lots of things instead of one big thing! greedy i know, but im always satisfied after hehe!! xxx