Saturday, 7 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 7

7th January
How are you lucky/unlucky?

I definitely do not see myself as being unlucky.  I am the luckiest girl in the world as I have everything I need, a gorgeous home, an amazing fiance, a wonderful little boy, a job I finally enjoy, amazing friends and a nutty family!  What more could someone ask for?
  This has not always been the case as I have, what you could say, had many unlucky things happen to me in my short 29 years!  Ive been married and divorced, lived in a woman's refuge as a single mum, dealt with someone else's drug problem, dealt with social services, re-built my life from scratch, miscarried twins, and grieved for my son's dad, as well as many other people in my life that have sadly passed away and at such a young age.  This has been enough to deal with through the years so I think it is about time I had some luck and am finally content with my life!  I would never say I have been unlucky, I have just got myself into some situations that have been difficult to get out of!  But they have all made me the person I am today, stronger, wiser and surprisingly optimistic!

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