Friday, 27 January 2012

Day Zero Project- Take Fiance to see a West End Show

Seeing as it was my birthday, I decided to tackle one of my challenges on my Day Zero list.  I have previously been to the theatre in the West End so it was not really much of a challenge.  However, it has been a few years and instead of spending all my wages on going to gigs, it made a change to get dressed up and see something new and exciting! My wonderful fiance, Dean, had never had the opportunity to see a show in London so I stuck it on my list of things we definetely had to do - no excuses!  And what better excuse than my birthday!

This was taken the night before where we dined with our closest friends and enjoyed a quiet one!

So, off to London we went, stopping off for a cheeky Nandos beforehand at Westfields, then a mad dash to Tottenham Court Road to see Rock of Ages, a show containing rock songs from the 1980s!

I didn't get a chance to take a proper picture of the outside until later as we thought we were late!  When we found out where our seats were, I was so chuffed - three rows back!  We were right near the front steps and boy, what a view we had!

This picture doesn't really do it justice but you get the idea.

The show itself was incredible!  It was full of laughter, songs and romance and my cheeks hurt so much midway from laughing, I didnt think I would make it to the second half!
I am a sucker for 80's rock - its so cheesy and the characters in the show took the mick out of the cheese and exaggerated it even more, which I truly loved them for!  Such classics as, 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' and 'The Final Countdown' had me giggling away, whilst 'More than Words' gave me goose bumps. 
One of the signs that added to the theme and decor around the room

Stars of the show, Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward were astonishing. Who knew I would be writing that full sentence one day?! JLC was his usual comedic self which I love about him.  Shayne Ward played a cocky, arrogant, rock star which sounds like a character none of us would like but I have to say he played it so brilliantly, miles away from the soppy, clean cut image he gave post X Factor!  I have a new found love for him! Especially as I got a special front view of his prized package!!
Yes. the show also had an extra special kinkiness, full of sex, scantily clad women, (and Shayne Ward!) and there were treats in there for both men and women!  I had never seen so much live naked flesh!
The main lead girls, Natalie Andreou and Jodie Jacobs were also fabulously over the top, and very brave!  Their singing voices were awesome, and Jodie in particular because I used to go to school with her sister, ha!!!
Another character that stood out for me was Lonny, played by Simon Lipkin.  What a guy! His comic timing was so funny I couldnt breathe at times, his acting just incredible and I could have watched him for more than three hours!

The finale -
Wow, what an ending to the show.  Everyone was up on their feet, it was as if the audience were on the stage with the cast, or maybe that was just me because we were so close to the front!
Journey's, Don't Stop Believing was the last song and it involved clapping, glitter and streamers.  A sight to behold!  Me and Dean left with more glitter in out hair than what was actually falling on us!  We are still picking it out today!

This show is truly a must-see, gosh I sound like a journalist!  But honestly, I had so much fun, I wasn't bored once, and I would definetely go and see it again for the songs and jokes. The storyline was cliched and predictable but then the writers knew that so they took the mickey out of themselves and wrote it into the show.  Thank you, Rock of Ages, you rocked my night!