Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy days!!

A normal blog post for a change as all I seem to do is memes, photo challenges and such like!  I wanted to write a post about how happy I am because it is so rare for me to say this!
  What has brought this on?  Its winter, its dark and cold and I should be miserable!
Well, I have been miserable, three weeks worth of misery began in the build up to christmas!  I had rude people attack me, invading my life, telling me to cheer up, pushed around by mad shoppers and even some road rage managed to find its way in!  Then christmas came, I had a rotten cold, and christmas went.  My son's birthday came, I got a stomach bug, and then New Years came and suddenly, miserable me was disappearing and something else crept in.  It was not until yesterday, recovering from my stomach bug, that I began to feel happiness!
  This happiness came about for a number of reasons:

  • Christmas is over, summer is approaching!
  • I felt better for the first time in weeks
  • I had quit one job out of two
  • I have everything around me that I need, family, friends and a new home
2012 seems to be the start of something new, and maybe it is because I no longer work nights,  I mean, that job was killing me.  For two years now I have worked in restaurants, three nights a week, as well as being a Nursery Nurse at a school during the day.  I was made redundant in September at one restaurant and luckily got to be a waitress in another restaurant straight away.  However, it was taking its toll on me, my routine most days would consist of:

  • Taking Dean to work for 8:30
  • Take son to school for 8:40
  • Start work at school 8:45
  • Finsh work between 11:45 and 1:00pm
  • Pop home to do chores - washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning, blogging!
  • Pick up son at 3:45
  • Hang around for an hour then pick up Dean from work at 5:00pm
  • Sit in traffic for half an hour until dropping boys off at home
  • Shoot off to sit in more traffic before starting other job at 6:00
  • Finish work between 10-12:00am
  • Stay up for half an hour just to wind down before bed
  • Bed at 1:00am
  • Repeat all steps the next day!
Writing that down now and reading it back makes me wonder how I ever survived!  Just before the kids broke up from school, I handed my notice in.  With regret, as the company trained me up to serve there and I really enjoyed my job.  However, it was affecting everything else, I hated not puttig my son to bed, I hated being tired and groggy all the time and I hated planning my whole life around night work!
  I feel so much happier now that my day ends at 5pm, instad of dropping Dean and Jacob at home and shooting off to work, I now stay at home with them. have dinner, relax, talk, read bedtime stories and chill out! 
Thats why I am happy, because I enjoy my only job, I enjoy being mummy, I enjoy being fiance and I certainly enjoy having much more time to blog!

More family time with my brothers!

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