Saturday, 7 January 2012

Listography - 5 of My Best....

Yay, Listography is back and for the first of my list for 2012, Kate Take 5 has asked us to chose our own best ofs' which is a chore in itself for me! (Ok, so Im just being lazy!). So here are some random things that I favouritise!!

1 - My Best Day of the Week - Saturdays!  It falls between Friday and Sunday during the weekend which means I get to have fun, relax and spend time with family and friends! Hooray!


2 - My Best Website - this is not a difficult one for me, it has to be Amazon!  I am totally addicted and my basket is bursting to be bought!  What makes the addiction worse, is that they have personal recommendations on there so they even know what potentially I may like!!

3 - My Best Gig I have Ever Been to - I dont know why I have made this so hard for myself as I have been to over 60 gigs and to chose just one is very difficult!  I'm going to have to pick Muse at Wembley Stadium 2010, just because it sticks out for me as being magical!


4 - My Best Stage Musical - Again, another hard one but I thouroughly enjoyed seeing We Will Rock You, twice!  Being a big Queen fan I was in my element when I went to see this, and would gladly go again!

5 - My Best Blog Post - Generating a total of 700+ views, and being my favourite highlight of 2011 is Meeting David Tennant!

Now pop over to Kates to see what others picked as their 'Bests' xxxx


  1. Great list...I love saturdays too!

  2. Ha great choices. I remember reading that post!

  3. Fun list! I am addicted to amazon, too!

  4. Good list and I am so with you on the We Will Rock You Musical. Very almost made my Best List.

  5. Great list. Amazon is just great, and with most things on free delivery its hard to resist the temptation!! x

  6. I love Saturdays too now my husband doesn't have to work every one of them. Lovely Pooh picture too :)

  7. Great post. We had Muse's Feeling Good at our wedding x

  8. Aww thanks guys! Glad we agree on most of these as it was hard to choose!