Saturday, 14 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Tips for Bloggers

Oh no, a really, really hard list for me this week.  I almost feel like I don't have a right to participate in this week's Listography but Kate said it does not matter how long you have been blogging for to answer this so I will take her advice and pray!  I have been blogging for 9 months now, and I am still learning as I go along.  So this list will be based on the things that have helped me to keep going with my blog, even when I thought there was never anyone reading it!

My top five tips for blogging are:

1:  Keep it fresh - I feel that it shows your readers that you care about them if you are constantly coming up with new ideas, new pictures, and sometimes even a new page layout to show you care, to show that you are putting in the effort and to keep new ways of showing who you are as a blogger.  For me, this makes it more fun and keeps readers guessing what you may come up with next!

2:  Join in with challenges - To keep me on my toes, I have joined the Day Zero Project and the 365 Day Photo Challenge so that even if I ran out of ideas for posts, I always have these to inspire me and keep me going!  They have both generated my highest stats too so I know people are visiting my pages through these projects, plus I have so much fun challenging myself and giving me something to do!

3:  Join in with memes, link ups and giveaways - not only do these generate many a page view and visitors to your blog, but I have also met some great people and had so much fun seeing the different themes every week and thinking about how I will participate even if some subjects are hard!  My favourite link ups are The Gallery, Mix Tape Mondays and of course, Listography!

4:  Read and comment on other blogs - Not only is it polite, but I have also been inspired by reading other blogs.  To comment, I never really did this at first unless I felt strongly about something but now I realise that not only can commenting get you some readers too, but it also helps the blogger!  When I receive comments, I get that lovely warm feeling that somone has taken their time to comment, so to do the same for someone else is great!  I also enjoy seeing what other people have to say, what things they have come up with and their take on blogging.

5:  Join networks such as twitter and facebook - The banes of my life!  But they have given me the most followers and any excuse to go on these sites always helps!  Networked blogs is a site on these social networks that keeps my followers updated automatically so I don't have to remind them myself to look at any new posts.

Wow, I got through it!  Those were the best I could come up with, so now Im popping over to Kate Takes 5 to see what tips others can give me!


  1. That's a great list. I am never sure what kind of blogger I am, but time and time again just come back to the keeping it relevant fo rmyself but trying to write in a way which keeps interest. Definitely agree on the link ups and challenges- it measn you get introduced to lots of fab blogs for inspiration.
    Excellent post. xx

  2. Keep it fresh is a great one, its easy to get stuck in doing the same kind of posts and visiting the same places.
    Laughed about the bane of my life bit. reckon a few of us would be happier without fb and twitter!

  3. Mmm, networked blogs I'm a member of but didn't realise they linked to twitter & facebook. Off to go and check that out - anything that means I don't have to visit all 3 each time I write a post has to be good.

  4. Thanks girls, wasnt sure if my tips would be good eough but you have reassured me that I am on the right track! xx

  5. Good tips and advice. It's very hard to keep things fresh all the time, but that's what keeps people coming back.
    Keith (

  6. Amazing how important commenting is - imagine we will be seeing this in a few other entries!

  7. Plus you've still got word verification on!!!

  8. Well done for posting your list... do take word verification off it is a pain in the proverbial ;-)

  9. Right, i have take note of your comments and fingers crossed, the word verification should be off now! I know how annoying it can be to use and sometimes puts me off commeting!If its still on, please inform me! xxx

  10. I love the idea that we should 'keep it fresh'!! This is a great tip because it helps us always pay attention to new ideas, innovations and even new bloggers. Excellent list of tips.