Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Desk Project

My good friend Abby, kindly donated her desk to me for my new home and I took this as an opportunity to begin some new decorating and creative projects. 
This is what the desk looked like when I received it;

It also came with four drawers on each side.  There is nothing wrong with this desk at all but the pine did not match with the rest of my furniture and seeing as this was going in my living room I really wanted it to be a talking point.  It was literally a blank canvas.

I am quite a crafty and arty person but when it comes to furniture I dont really have the best idea of what products to use, but some good advice from a friend and great customer service in a DIY store, and I was all stocked up with primer, undercoat and paint!

I had a lot of fun on my own, putting the undercoat on, and because it was quick dry, I got to put another layer on straight after, double the fun!
I left it to dry for a few days just to make sure before I put the paint on, although I quite liked the affect the undercoat gave as you could still see the grain in the wood.

When the white paint dried, I was extremely excited by this decal art print from SpartacusArt.co.uk. I have an obsession for all things vintage, Parisian and Moulin-Rouge themed so when I came across this stencil it was exactly what I had in mind!  It was very easy to use and gave a lovely effect to the table.

The drawers needed a little extra touch to them, and continuing with the Moulin Rouge theme, I took the words, "Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love" from the film and added them to each drawer using a black sharpie!  Bit of a cheating tool, but it did the trick and gave a lovely effect.  I added purple hearts to the desk knobs but Im not too keen on these so I will go out and buy some purple paint for them.

My last task will be to re-cover the chair that came with the desk.  It hs been painted too but I want to get some material for the chair part to match.

Here is the completed look