Wednesday, 15 February 2012

And Baby Number Two Is Cooking Nicely!

Since finding out I was pregnant on the 27th December, it has been a bit of a challenge keeping it a secret especially from my blog!  But here it is, our little bundle of joy!
I say its my turn now finally, I miscarried twins back in 2010 and since then I have had a hard experience in not only coming to terms with it, but also trying to conceive again.  During this, other friends were moving onto their second pregnancy whilst I congratulated them half heartedly, and I raged with jealousy and resentment every time I saw a pregnant woman!  A terrible thing to do, I know, but at the time thats how I felt.
As time moved on, I was slowly giving up trying but one unexpected day, I took a test and it came up negative!  So, I carried on about my business, getting drunk on christmas day, then my Mum says a psychic told her a new addition to the family is due in August!  I told her, that would mean someone is pregnant now and that its not me because I had already done test!
Alarm bells ringing in my head, the fact that I had not come on yet and off I went to do two pregnancy tests, just to confirm that yes, I was indeed pregnant and by my calculations I was due in August, spooky!
So, Dean and I had been very anxious at that point whether this would go well or not.  The doctor booked me in for an early pregnancy scan just for peace of mind plus I was feeling really ill.  We told our famly and very close friends at this point but decided to tell the rest of the world at the 3 month scan just in case.

This is our 8 week scan and everything was ok this time, (plus only one baby!) so we could relax a bit more and enjoy the next few weeks.

So now I can explain the real reason for my lack of blogging - fatigue, nausea and baby brain!  My regular readers and followers will have noticed a lack of decent posts and I originally blamed it on winter and being cold which is partly true!  But being pregnant has really taken the motivation out of me and I just have not had the energy to do it,  That is all about to change now, I hope!

We are 11 weeks and 2 days pregnant, baby has all its limbs, (although Dean thought the Nurse said it had four legs!) and a rapid heartbeat.  However, we do have to go back next Tuesday as the baby is still not quite at the 12 week stage and she found it hard to measure its brain, or anatomy as she said.  Still nothing to worry about though and its nice we get to see our baby again.

As you can imagine, I will have plenty to post about over the next few months, including a 'Bump Watch!' and regular mummy updates, yawn, yay!


  1. Massive congratulations! I hope for the best for you! xx

  2. That is fantastic news, huge congratulations!
    I'm trying for our number 2 at the moment and am a little worried, as I had my miscarriage over x-mas.
    Your news has given me more hope!!

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