Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another Star Gained In the Sky - Whitney Houston R.I.P

I don't usually write posts about items in the news but the shocking news of Whitney Houstons' death awoke me to the subject that is close to my heart - addiction. As I write this, it has not been confirmed the cause of death but if her recent history is anything to go by, drugs may have something to do with it. 

I write this because its the week leading up to the death of my sons dad, a year on.  Unfortunately, he was taken from us because of a long battle with drug addiction and although he was clean when he passed away, it was too late.  The shocking news of Whitney Houston brings this to the forefront of my mind again and upsets me that something we have a choice over, ends up destroying our lives.
  Whitney was an immense talent, a true diva and an inspiration to many others.  Her songs will live on in everyones hearts and there will never be anyone like her again. With Amy Winehouse dying in similar circumstances, I hope that the problems they suffered are highlighted to the world to show what happens even to those with everything.  Addiction, may it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, is a disease and although I have never been addicted to anything myself, I have seen it first hand take over someone completely and destroy them.  Unfortunately, losing such celebrities to these horrors is a tragedy, but it certainly puts things into perspective and hopefully makes more people aware.
My favourite Whitney Houston song - All The Man That I Need

My first memory of the singer is dancing at a wedding to, 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' when I was a kid.  I loved 'I Will Always Love You' when it first hit the charts but it is so overplayed now I cannot bear to hear it!  'One Moment In Time' was a song played at my brother, Scotts' bar mitzvah and my karaoke song is her version of 'The Greatest Love of All!'  I used to own the triple cd collection of her greatest hits, playing it over and over again in my bedroom!  I wasn't a big fan of her more RnB stuff but 'It's Not Right' is a good track!  When I watched her awful performance on the X Factor a few years ago, I knew I was only a fan of her younger self and kind of lost respect for her.
  May she rest in peace, and hope her family can move on from this sad loss with dignity.

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