Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Listography - My Top 5 Mugs!

Mugs, as in the cup, not faces!  This weeks Listography is a great one!  Kate, who hosts this weekly event, did not think this topic would go down well with us bloggers, but she has had many link up and Im happy to be one of them!
  I was sitting with my fiance when I remembered this weeks theme and the look on his face when I grabbed my camera and told him I was jus popping off to take pictures of my mugs!
  So here they are, these proudly sit on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard with the door shut!

1:  The Cupcake - I received this from a friend when I told her I wanted a pink kitchen.  I had my pink kitchen for four years and since moving to my new home I have a white kitchen but with a cupcake theme so this fits in perfectly.

2: The Easter Egg Mug - This is my favourtie mug because I had this as a child but lost it.  So when they brought out a Smarties easter egg with mug included, I just had to buy it to reminisce about Easters of long ago!

3:  The Souvenir mug - Everyone has one, a mug to say you have been somewhere else other than England!  This mug combines two of my loves, Ibiza and Frogs!

4:  The Celebrity mug - This was a christmas present from a friend, because I am a huge Madonna fan!  This artwork is from her GHV2 album although not the best of artworks, I still love this mug!

5:  The Mug You Never Drink Out Of - this is from the Disney Store and those of you that are aware of their mug collection, they do the most beautiful china cups that should only be bought for show!  And this is my 'show' mug, never to be drunk out of!

So there we have it, a collection of mugs that I tried to make as interesting as it can get!  Im off to have a peek into others' kitchen cupboards and see what mugs they have on show!


  1. Do you drink your hot smarties with milk and sugar or just as it comes? ;) And I love the cherry on the cupcake.

  2. That is a weird and wonderful collection!

  3. I love the Disney Mug. I make sure I drink out of all my mugs, but do have a few firm favorites