Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What Is It About the Cold?

My lack of blogging lately is mainly down to it being so frickin' cold!  Lame excuse. but I was sitting here searching for some motivation for a blog post and I realised that when I began this blog last April, it was approaching  summer and I had things to talk about!
  It is now winter and has been for sometime and I have been un-inspired and de-motivated!  I tend to hibernate with regards to my social life anyway, but to let my blog slip away is just pure silliness!  I need to pull myself together!
  Since it has been snowing, I cannot begin to tell you how it makes me feel.  While others are frolicking in the snow, revelling at the calm scenery and wishing for more snowfall, I am struggling to move for my feet are frozen, I cannot walk quick enough to get from A to B for fear of slipping over and I find it hard to function at work because I am finding the nearest radiator to lean against!  Even when I have popped home in the afternoon to catch up with housework and chores, it takes me two hours to warm up before I then go to do the school run in the cold again!
  Ok,so it could be worse. This time last year, I was catching two buses there and back, to do the school run, so you can imagine how much more colder I was then!  Fortunately, I made a vow to learn to drive before it snowed again so it has been a true life saver.
  Still, as I write this, I am warming myself up with some pillows and dressing gown, pushing myself to put a good blog post together other than my 365 Day Photo Challenge!
  What is it about the cold that stops me from doing things?  The lack of concentration is over taken by trying to find all the ways I can warm myself up before I actually do any tasks.  I have so many plans in my head but Im too cold to do them!  I spend most of my day dreaming about the summer, counting down the weeks until Spring and telling myself that the clocks go forward soon so be optimistic!
  Any posts I have written this winter have either been about me moaning about Christmas, or moaning about the dark, cold days!  What happened to me?  Oh yes, the cold set in and I became a moany cold cow!
  As soon as it turns warm, normal service will be resumed, I promise!
In the meantime, I have some news to share next week, plus some new ideas to motivate me into keeping things fresh!  Dont lose faith. dear followers, you all read my blog for a reason so I will show you how much I appreciate it!
Wrap up warm!!

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