Monday, 12 March 2012

Bump Watch @ 15 Weeks

Um, I seem to have had a growth spurt!

Yes, that is my bump, although it looks a bit dodgy but I'm sure it will eventually look nicer than that!  I have seen through the first trimester and into the second, where I am feeling alot brighter and have got my energy back!  Thats not to say I'm still not tired because I am but I am not as run down as I have been.
So, I am hoping to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy and at the moment we seem to be concentrating on the sex of the baby, as our scan is in five weeks.  Many people like to guess, based on what, I do not know but I let them have their say and its 50 / 50 so they could either be right or wrong!
Also, my ordinary clothes, consisting of skinny jeans, rock t-shirts and indie dresses, are unable to fit me so I have been stropping about this!  That's a whole other post I will type up at some point!


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