Thursday, 1 March 2012

Coming out of Hibernation!

It may only be the first of March, with maybe a couple of days of sunshine but this is where I am at my best!  No longer will my blog be full of me moaning about how cold it is, (unless it suddenly starts snowing, which is possible!) how dark it is and how I cannot possibly see an end to he winter!  Instead, what I hope you will get is love, warmth and fluffiness!
  My friends and family know I am at my best when its sunny and warm and that I suffer from S.A.D. and that my personality seems to hibernate.  My worst months are January and February, but now we have began March, the clocks go forward in three weeks and there is so much to look forward to!
  This summer, I have the joy of being pregnant and am looking forward to blossoming and wearing pretty dresses, skipping through the sunflowers all happy!  It may not actually happen like that but its nice to dream!  I know that by the end of summer, my little sprog will be here and will get me through winter.
  So here's to the next few weeks of less darkness, more light, warmer days and a brighter me!


  1. Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers.

  2. Im glad you're going to feel a bit brighter I know where you're coming from, i am so so glad that spring has shown her face! x

    1. aww thanks hun, here's to the spring! xx