Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy Purim!!

Purim is my favourite jewish festival because it means we get to dress up!  I also love the story behind it, all be it not a good one towards the Jewish people! 
  This year is my first year for dressing up at work.  I used to attend the same school as a child so the last time I dressed up here was about 17 years ago! 
  Jacob is also a pupil here so its double the dressing up fun for us.  He has grown out of his infamous Darth Vader costume which is a shame so I have bought him a bat costume which he proudly tried on!

Not quite Batman but it does the same job!

And I am dressing up as Supergirl, with a twist!  The twist being I'm 14 weeks pregnant and starting to show so the costume looks a little odd on me!

Its not just the fancy dress that I love about Purim.  We hear the Megillah, which is the story of Purim in Hebrew read by a Rabbi and everytime we hear the name, Haman, (who was the Prime Minister that wanted to have the Jewish people hanged), we boo and shake rattles and make as much noise as possible to block his name out! And his name is read a good few times throughout the story!
Such fun to be had, its a festival where the kids have an opportunity to have fun and the adults get to be like kids!

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